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    Engineering Modelling a DC Motor

    This is not homework but I would consider it to fall in this category. I am working on a robotics project and wanted to simulate a PID controller before implementation. I need to find a transfer function for my motor for this to work. Homework Statement As mentioned above, I need to find...
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    FFT in MATLAB help

    Homework Statement Find the Fourier Transform of a unity amplitude rectangular pulse of width 2T, where T=[ims]. Use MATLAB to plot the magnitude response of this signal's FT. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I got something that LOOKS right, but the first...
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    C/++/# Sudoku Solver in C++

    Yeah, I had actually thought about using recursion and may still do so. It's been a few years since I had any formal programming class (an Intro to C class my freshman year of college) so I'd just need to read some stuff to refresh my memory. Seems like the safest route to go. I actually...
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    C/++/# Sudoku Solver in C++

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to teach myself C++ and I recalled that a few years ago my Comp Sci major buddy of mine did a sudoku solving program as a project for a class so I decided to tackle it on my own. I'm getting some headway, but I'm having trouble figuring out a way to "brute force"...
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    Determine where a complex function is analytic

    Homework Statement Determine the region of analyticity of ln|z| + i*arg(z) and justify your answer. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I said that if z=x+iy, the function has a singularity when both x and y are equal to 0 since ln(0) is undefined and arg(z) = arg(x+iy) =...
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    Gauss' Law, Spherical Charge Distribution

    Before I get into the question I'd just like to state that this is not homework, but questions in my book that I'm going through to prepare myself for the midterm in one week. I got stuck at a few questions, here's the first one. I won't ask the next until I'm done with this and so forth...
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    Cockroft Walton Voltage Multiplier Problems

    Hey everyone. So I like to have electronics projects going on to keep me on my toes during the academic year and my project I chose for fall ended up being a Cockroft Walton Generator. Basically, I was just looking to make a simple negative ion generator from it. I finally got the parts in...
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    Curl of a vector field

    Yeahh... It's late (3am here) and I have an 8am class not to mention I've been doing other homework on top of this. I'm really sorry that it's tough for me to type correctly, I should've double checked that second one I posted (or, even better, been more clear in my opening post). The last one...
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    Curl of a vector field

    Yeah, I see that I didn't take that into account. There I'm using x=2 since the line goes from (2,2) down to (2,1) and so x is constant at 2. Why not though? If the triangle has a line going from (1,1) to (2,1); (2,1) to (2,2) and (1,1) to (2,2) which is the hypotenuse, how is the point...
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    Curl of a vector field

    I re-did part a based on your recommendation (though I didn't see any benefit in parameterizing the curve, am I missing something?) Here's what I got: Integral I worked off of: \int 3x^{2}y^{2}dx - \int x^{3}y^{2}dy Leg 1 (from (1,1) to (2,1)) \int_{1}^{2}3x^{2}dx = 7 Leg 2 (from (1,1) to...
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    Curl of a vector field

    Yeah, clockwise. And I have limits from 1 to 2 on both (I should've specified that the triangle legs go from (1,1) to (1,2) and (1,1) to (2,1). Sorry 'bout that. Now my integral I have for part b is \int_{1}^{2} \int_{1}^{2} (-3x^{2}y^{2} - 6x^{2}y)dxdy I'm assuming this is incorrect as...
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    Curl of a vector field

    Yeah, I tried doing everything in Latex but it was giving me errors were there shouldn't have been. It was very odd. As for that 2 and 3 thing- the 2 is a typo. The correct equation is A = ax(3x^2y^2) - ay(x^3y^2), my apologies. In part A- that's what I wasn't sure about. I wasn't sure if I...
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    Curl of a vector field

    I done screwed up. Part b the cross product I did was wrong, stupid mistake. It should be the double integral of -3x^2y^2-6x^2y dxdy from 1 to 2 on both integrals which equals -112/3
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    Curl of a vector field

    Homework Statement Assume the vector function A = ax(3x^{2}2y^{2})-ax(x^{3}y^{2}) a) Find \ointA\cdotdl around the triangular contour shown in Fig. 2-36 [it is a triangle with base and height of one on the x and y axis. the curl travels so that the normal vector is in the -z direction] b)...