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    Interference Wedge Problem - Analytical Chemistry&Instrumental Analysis

    Homework Statement A 10.00 cm interference wedge is to be build from a dielectric layer n=1.34 and glass plate covers which have a linear dispersion from 400 to 700 nm. a) 1st-order-interference wedge How would be its construction?Indicate its thickness at the two ends of the wedge...
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    E-potential in cell membrane HELPP PLEAASEE!

    Homework Statement Cell membranes (the walled enclosure around a cell) are typically about 7.5 nm thick. They are partially permeable to allow charged material to pass in and out, as needed. Equal but opposite charge densities build up on the inside and outside faces of such a membrane, and...
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    E-field Lines

    thank you so much
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    E-field Lines

    Why the field lines are always perpendicular to the conducting line?
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    Force acting on the charge

    Suppose that a point charge q is located at some distance d from a grounded conducting plane. How do we find the force acting on the charge due to the presence of the conducting plane and what could be its direction? Thanks..
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    Equipotential Lines

    If we suppose that the magnitudes of the charge distributions on the two rings are different. Is the mid line still an equipotential line? How can we explain this situation? Thanks..