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    Finding mass of paperclip using Millikans theory

    Assuming all the paperclips weighed the same, wouldn't it be fair to say that the mass of an envelop filled will a random number of paper clips will have a mass equal to the sum of the mass of the envelop and an integer multiple of the mass of a single paperclip? In otherwords, if the mass of...
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    Frictionless physics problem

    1) Here are the equations you need: Circumference = 2*pi*Radius Speed = Distance / Time Centripetal Force = Mass * (Speed^2) / Radius So, if you know the Centripetal Force, what do you think the tension on the rope would be? 2) You should be able to use the equation for centripetal force I...
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    Proof: 0.9999 does not equal 1

    You are correct, I only proved that a proof commonly used is incorrect. The title was misleading.
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    Proof: 0.9999 does not equal 1
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    Proof: 0.9999 does not equal 1

    The function y=1-1/x is often used to show how the repeating decimal 0.9999... is equal to 1. When x=1, y=1; x=10, y=0.9; x=10000, y=.9999, and so on. The limit of 1-1/x as x approaches infinity equals 1. An assumption is often made, however, that if the limit of an expression as x approaches...
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    Digital and quantized signal, are one same thing?

    Generally, yes, but it depends. Digital audio is a quantized signal, but class D amplifiers (which quantize in the time dimension) are not considered digital. I guess you could think of digital as complete quantization.
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    Classical Physics with Time going Backwards [Broken] From abstract: "the equations of motion of charged particles are invariant under time reversal" If only I could read it without paying $$$. Was there something...
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    Classical Physics with Time going Backwards

    I thought magnetism just negated.
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    Classical Physics with Time going Backwards

    Of course that goes beyond classical physics. As far as we are concerned, the exact path taken by a boulder as it falls off of a cliff and smashes is reversible.
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    Classical Physics with Time going Backwards

    Well, any scenario where time goes forwards also follows the laws of physics with the same scenario running backwards.
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    Classical Physics with Time going Backwards

    First, what does it mean for time to be going backwards? Basically, any time there is a reference to time, we just need to negate it - so time will have a negative effect of what it usually would. Velocity (1D): There is an object that moved from A to B in time t at a constant speed. If we...
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    Distribution of Primes

    Yeah, I neglected the "at least for small numbers" in my second post.
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    Distribution of Primes

    I know. It's more likely than random, but that's about it.
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    Distribution of Primes

    I made this simple program to list all non-primes (ignore the first row and column of the output) and list what I call "important numbers". I have attached an output if you don't want to bother running and compiling the program. #include <iostream> #include <fstream> using namespace std...
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    Excluding Evidence contrary to Theories

    That doesn't seem like it could be it. In this video, it doesn't look like he is holding anything: Of course he doesn't show any of his wiring and cuts out the video frequently, so it's certainly possible he has a hidden power source somewhere. I just don't understand why that MIT professor...