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    Can loop quantum gravity see before the Bang?

    Marcus, I appologize for the misspelling of Victor Taveras's name. I thought I had just stumbled across something new and revolutionary, but it had been posted at a while back. This was not mentioned in the book I just read. Do you know any more recent books I can read? Thank you.
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    Big Bang Question

    I have heard initial conditions before the big bang described as a singularity, but never a Black hole. I wonder, If there was nothing else in the universe before then, how could we call it a hole? It is interesting to note that the quantum jitters we see at the subatomic level are reflected...
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    Can loop quantum gravity see before the Bang?

    The May 20 issue of the journal Physical Review Letters will reveal the results of a National Science Foundation study by Penn State Eberly College of Science grad student, Victo Raveras and Madhavan Varadarajan, a professor at the Raman Research Institute in India that challenge the idea that...
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    A laser time machine

    Hello MaxPlank, I have not read the book Time Traveler, but I was fascinated by Dr. Mallett when when I heard him speaking on a local radio station here in Connecticut. It was the first time I had ever considered the possibility that either rotating matter or energy could be used to stretch or...
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    Expanding universe

    1). The only type of time dilation that I am aware of is due to relativistic effects, such as the the slightly slower frequency of clocks at rest in a gravitational field when compared to clocks in free fall, or the slightly slower frequency of clocks, when travelling at great speed relative to...
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    Speed of gravity

    In his book The Fabric of the Cosmos, Brian Greene writes, "Einstein was able to work this out, " and he found that the speed at which gravity can transmit it's influence is exactly the speed of light. "...the warps and ripples-gravity, that is-do not travel from place to place instantaneously...
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    Brane Movement Causing Gravity

    Accelerated Brane I don't think a brane which has constant velocity could be stretched by an inertial mass for very long. The mass landing upon it would eventually attain the same velocity as the brane and, I must assume a stretched brane would eventually return to it's un-stretched original...