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    The Solar System's Second Sun

    Strictly as an aside, because the methodology for detecting a sky object is more sophisticated now, is that both Uranus and Neptune were observed many times before being discovered. Uranus can be seen with the naked eye, under good conditions. Neptune was seen in telescopes without it being...
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    Dropping Keys to find the floor you're on

    I shouldn't say so, but you'll get a system of 3 equations in 2 unknowns. Normally, that's overdetermined, but two of your equations will have the height alone on one side, so it becomes 2 equations in 2 unknowns. Then, solve this system. Foregoing is just for reference, if others are looking...
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    Why the gulf between lay people and physicists?

    I've asked a "dumb question." Oddly, memorizing a times table may be easier for a somewhat older child--an adult could probably do it in a single session. Yet, discourse I see suggests we don't learn to reason with even simple arithmetic. For instance, in a drag race question I was told...
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    Why the gulf between lay people and physicists?

    At one level it's obvious--physics is mathematically difficult, with areas near its frontiers forever inaccessible to educated persons of normal intellectual potential. Yet outside the hard sciences, the general level of math skill is atrocious. Typical citizens could learn much more math...
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    Can motion be turned into matter?

    Not so sure Motion into matter? The usual definition for motion involves change in position over time but doesn't say anything about what is moving. Ergo, motion per se doesn't become matter. It's more accurate to say that radiation is released when moving material objects collide with each...