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    Forced vortex

    Hi, I am at a loss about getting this BC. if my coordinate is at the bottom of a tank which has some liquid in it and and I know that at free surface the pressure everywhere will be atmospheric, then how do I get the constant. I have trouble putting the pieces together. thanks in advance.
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    Forced vortex

    Hi, Thank you again so much for your kind reply. I have also arrived to the final form of equation earlier which is a general solution which has a constant. Now, how do I find an exact solution of this equation, I mean, how can I define the constant, which will tell that, at any point on the...
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    Forced vortex

    Hi, Thank you so much for your quick reply. I understand that integrating between two points can give the pressure difference between two points. Now, actually I am thinking of the surface of the forced vortex. On the concave surface of the forced vortex, at every point the pressure is going...
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    Forced vortex

    Hello , I need to know the pressure distribution in a forced vortex. Can you please tell me how to get an exact solution for pressure distribution in a forced vortex. Thanks in advance.
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    Question regarding Pipe flow

    Hello, Could you please tell me how to get to the equation for a pipe flow. u(r)=Umax*(1-r**2/R**2) Thank you so much in advance.
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    How to apply fourier transform

    Thank you for your reply. Could you kindly tell me where to look for to get to this solution. Thanks again.
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    How to apply fourier transform

    Hello, Thanks at first. If anyone can understand, then I would like to know how do I get to equation 4.15. Its a laplacian equation in which I want to apply the fourier transform. Thanks again.
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    PDE - similarity variable

    Hello, I need to know how did you solve for b? Can you please let me know the procedure? Thanks Azad
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    MATLAB Exporting data from matlab to excel

    Hello, I ran a program in matlab and my output is coming in the command window. I want to export these output in excel. My output are in matrix form and I want to send it as a column data in excel. Please help me to do it. Thanks in advance.
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    I have two straight Line at a distance from one another. Need to connect them

    Hi, I am trying to connect two straight lines. I want the connecting line between them is round, so that altogether the total plot seems continuous. Can anyone help me how to do it in matlab. :shy: