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    Simple Sequences

    I had a sinking suspicion that that may have been the case.
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    Simple Sequences

    If there is a sequence of numbers 1,4,9,16...... what is the 12th term in the sequence (where 1 is the first term). The textbook says that it is 144 since each term of the sequence is the square of the term value. I find (and have always found) this to be confusing, why can't an alternate...
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    Proving existence of a proof

    Hi, I don't know if this has been discussed (or is trivial or even silly). I was wondering sometimes there is reliance on indirect proofs in mathematics. I was wondering can it be proven in any case where an indirect proof exists that a direct proof does not?
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    Proof of Rational Root Theorem

    My maths isn't that strong. Im having trouble with this proof as well. Basically its the logic of saying that p divides a0 and hence is a factor. Why couldn't q be factored out of the equation (instead of p) and then divide the a0*q^n on the RHS by q and just say that q is a factor of a0 (in...