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    Programs Dual masters degrees beneficial?

    Greetings PF. I was thinking about going for a dual masters degree with one in physics and one in mathematics. Note that I'm not American, I'm currently in Europe and as such I'd guess it's almost like a double major. To me it felt like such a couple of degrees were a natural choice, but...
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    Mathematical Reasoning course

    I would wholeheartedly recommend this book by Abbott. I found it to be a great book explaining the reasoning underlying the tools of calculus.
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    Feynman Original Work.

    Well he did write a thesis:
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    Help with choosing interesting and useful books

    Concerning the dynamics I'd totally recommend John Taylor's "Classical Mechanics". Covers everything you listed and he's a really good writer.
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    Mathematica Parallel calculations in Mathematica

    Hello PF. I wanted to optimize time expenditure on some calculation that I'm doing. A natural way to do this can be by computing parts in parallel. Now when I say "parts" I don't mean that some computations are wholly independent of other computations. My situation is that I have a bunch of...
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    'State-of-the-art' in regard to temperatures of atomic cooling

    Some, not all. But most date back a bit, and the more recent ones are quite narrow in their content. Didn't see any recent review article or the likes.
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    'State-of-the-art' in regard to temperatures of atomic cooling

    Hello PF. I thought this would be a good place to ask around for information pertaining to "where we are at" in controlled creation of ultra-cold environments for atoms; for example, how cold an environment can we actually make today, etc.? I am especially interested in the BEC phenomena. When I...
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    Mathematica Efficient sampling of function. [Mathematica]

    Hey there PF. I wanted to ask here if someone had any input as to why a tiny part of my code is "slow". I have sloved a somewhat big eq.system numerically with Mathematica. Now, I do not really need the actual integrated functions and so I sample them. Below: I sample (picks out only 4...