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    Quantum Computing

    Could you be a bit more clear about your idea? What would be your gates and qubits?
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    Solving a classical problem using quantum physics

    Wouldn't it be exactly the same as for the string except with continuous boundary conditions on the edge.
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    Difference and benefits of qubits compared to regular bits?

    A bit can be either 0 or 1. A qubit can be a quantum superposition of |0> an |1>. The benefit of the latter is that as a qubit progresses through a computation the final answer will exhibit interference effects from the different routes it could take. Algorithms can be designed so that...
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    Grover's algorithm

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    Grover's algorithm

    I'm curious about which functions that can be implemented classically are theoretically hard to implement with a quantum algorithm?
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    Deutsch's algorithm vs classical algorithm

    Why are you assuming putting a qubit in superposition into one blackbox is equivalent to two classical black boxes?
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    Quantum computers and modelling a quantum computer on a classical computer

    I believe the answer is that a quantum computer can be simulated by a classical computer with polynomial resources and exponential time. The time isn't infinite but still I wouldn't consider it to be reasonable (it could be the life time of universe if you pick the right problem to compare them...
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    Wondering about quantum information and phase factors.

    Sounds good to me. I'm learning Quantum Information right now too, so I'm not an expert, but it looks like you've answered your question.
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    Can someone explain the quantum eraser please?

    Lets say you mark photons at the slits with either having vertical (|) or horizontal (-) polarization. On the screen it appears there is no interference, but there is. Think what happens when the phase between (|) and (-) is zero you get a diagonal polarization like this (/). If the phase is pi...
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    Why isn't kinetic energy considered a fundamental force like the other four?

    I understand why you might be frustrated with the answers your getting here. Although they are correct they aren't helping you understand why. I will make the suggestion that posting your question in the relevant forum section might help. This is the "quantum physics" section. It would have been...
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    Why isn't kinetic energy considered a fundamental force like the other four?

    Ok, assuming what you mean is which force transfers kinetic energy in a collision, the answer would be the electric force. The atoms in each object repel each other so rather than one object passing through another they "collide" due to electric repulsion between the electrons orbiting each...
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    The Quantum Tamers

    Thankyou. I didn't think it would be so pricey though :(
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    The Quantum Tamers

    your misinterpreting my meaning. My question is about where I can get the movie, I didn't specify anywhere it had to be from an illegal source. I'm asking for help finding it because I can't find it. If you can't find it either then fine.
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    The Quantum Tamers

    If it has been released for free then great, but I can't even find where I could order it from.
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    The Quantum Tamers

    "The Quantum Tamers" Does anyone have a link to a place I could watch "The Quantum Tamers"?