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    Humidity and using a telecscope

    I'm taking it from a cool, dry environment (my house) to a warm, humid environment. I'll try setting it on the back porch in the morning then look through it at night and see if that helps.
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    Why do we rotate along with the earth's rotation?

    I think it's the same thing that lets you toss a ball up and down on a moving vehicle, with out the ball streaking to the back. I don't know what that would be called, though.
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    An end to infinite?

    like i said, i didn't know where a question like this would go. I guess the best way i could explain it is to ask what the smallest positive number is that is not zero. I'm having a hard time phrasing my thoughts into words, in case you couldn't tell. P.S. I'm only in high school math, so I...
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    An end to infinite?

    I think infinite is not real. Think about it. What is the closest positive number to zero that you can have? it would be 0.000...01, right? infinite zeros plus one. What do you guys think? I didn't know where this would belong, so I bunged it here.
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    Active Denial Technology [Pain guns]

    You obviously have no knowledge of how the US law enforcement works. Have you watched the entire video of that incident? After they told him to leave, he was in violation of the law. When the cops went to remove him from the building, he resisted. The cops were 100% correct in their actions...
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    Hostile Artificial Intelligence

    What we would need is a sort of Three Laws-type programming, but I don't know how that would be done.
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    Why does a desk lamp often have small holes at the top of the Metal Lampshad

    Is it possible that it could be as simple as a left-over of the manufacturing process?
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    Looking for hardware review information

    You could just go on and read the product reviews there.
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    Please Debunk:Ghost Swing

    It's most likely a fluke. A combination of disturbances in the flow of the wind along the ground and around the other two swings or the swingset frame. It could also easily be a hoax. Grainy video quality, a lot of people standing'd be very easy to just attach a piece of fishing line...
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    How Does One Prove One Exists?

    If it were me, I'd hand him a blank sheet of paper then punch him in the jaw. That could shift the topic from "prove you exist" to "if no one exists, how do non-existent beings (oxymoron) interact with each other? i.e. contact, bleeding, etc..."
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    Humidity and using a telecscope not fun. I have a telescope that I got when I was a lot younger. A nice (I think) little beginner telescope, a Meade Polaris 60mm. Anyway, my problem is the humidity where I live. I live in Louisiana. Everytime there's a clear night and I decide to go try and do a bit of looking, to try...
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    What is the terminal velocity of a quarter?

    2 questions: What is the terminal velocity of a quarter? and How long does it take a quarter to accelerate to its terminal velocity?
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    Writing a story

    Pretty much, my beginning is cliche: the explorers go to another planet (in this case Mars) and find alien technology there. At that point I hope to create new propulsion methods.
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    Writing a story

    never leave home without it. And I only need realistic tech for the portion of the story that I'm at.
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    Writing a story

    I'm nto asking somebody else to write it for me. All I asked was for a list of things that I could pick and choose from, or modify to suit my story's needs.