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    Guess I'm going to have to give in and learn a language

    Since you're starting off with no programming knowledge, I would probably suggest a book like Mark Lutz's Learning Python. I learned Python using Alex Martelli's Python in a Nutshell and David Beazley's Python Essential Reference, but I already had programming experience in C, Java, and MATLAB.
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    Help which language best suits my situation?

    Based on your rather vague description of your requirements, MATLAB probably is the best fit:
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    LaTeX Latex table help
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    Optics, image

    This part of the problem statement means that the object is located 1.2 m in front of the first refracting surface of the crystal ball (1.3 m from the center of the crystal ball, and 1.4 m from the second refracting surface of the crystal ball). The displacements z0 and z1 in the equation are...
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    Optics, image

    To get you started, the equation for the first surface is \frac{1.5}{z_1} - \frac{1}{-1.2} = \frac{1.5 - 1}{0.1} which you should solve for z1. This gives a location for the image formed by the first surface relative to the vertex of the first surface. Then you treat that image as the object...
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    Optics, image

    Born & Wolf is way too advanced a book to be using to solve a problem like this, but the equation you want is in section 4.4.1 (in the sixth edition--it may be different in other editions), "Refracting surface of revolution," and it's the one that looks like this \frac{n_1}{z_1}-\frac{n_0}{z_0}...
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    LaTeX LaTeX sometime the arrow is over the right

    $g(\vec{t})$ Note the curly braces.
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    MikTex 2.8 for beginners

    MikTeX now comes with a basic LaTeX document editor called TeXworks, which you should find under "Start Menu"->"All Programs"->"MikTeX 2.8". Run it, and enter the following document: \documentclass{article} \begin{document} \title{Example Document} \author{John Doe} \maketitle This is...
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    A four bit adder logic circuit block diagram

    Alternatively, a truth table for the sum s and the carry bit co for the addition of two 1-bit numbers a and b could be illuminating... :wink:
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    LaTeX LaTex for windows?
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    Steam Tables For Apple Computers
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    MATLAB Create a Hologram with Matlab?

    It is not the superposition of the fields (the addition process O+R) that results in interference, but the determination of the intensity of the superimposed fields (finding the modulus squared of the total field \lvert O+R \rvert^2). Let O(x,y) = o(x,y) \exp [i \phi(x,y)] where o(x,y) and...
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    Mechanical engineering Autodesk?

    Autodesk Inventor does motion simulation--see the "Simulation" category on this page: I am partial toward Autodesk Inventor since it is available for students to download for free at
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    LaTeX Installing Latex on Laptop

    The latest version of MikTeX (MikTeX 2.8) is quite nice. It now includes a basic editor and previewer called TeXworks.
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    Personal Website

    Well, PHP and MySQL are free, so anything that is not free (e.g. ASP and SQL Server) is going to seem expensive by comparison.