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    Seven Questions for Quantum Physicists

    You can't go into an arena and bandy about words that have very specific definitions relative to that arena, and expect a coherent (from your perspective) response. If someone berates you for the use of those terms, then find out what exactly it is you should be asking, and then be specific...
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    Artificial gravity in spinning space ship conumdrum

    It would have to be a pretty tiny spaceship if nausea was a major problem. Specifically because if they actually employed this method in the design they would increase the ring diameter so that the rotational speed would be less, to create the same centripetal force.
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    I obviously broke a rule

    gravy, thanks.
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    I obviously broke a rule

    I don't think so I actually stumbled upon the URL from the resources sub forum located right here. when i posted the thread, i got a warning saying i could not submit url's if i had less than 15 posts... so i replaced the : in http : // with a space... could that be it?
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    I obviously broke a rule

    so i would like to say sorry, and in order to remain within the bounds of PF law, could the person that deleted my request for download thread tell me what exactly i did wrong... just through PM if that is preferred. Thanks :)
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    Electric motors as muscles?

    I don't know if i can agree with the efficiency of muscle. animals and humans consume one hell of a lot of matter to generate power. average of 3 meals a day and that is just to sustain a lifestyle of sitting at a desk and moving your fingers (obviously wrt humans and not animals. heh.) As soon...
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    Hydrogen car lunacy.

    Well, I don't think that can be argued effectively without the technology being researched further, we don't have hydrogen being mass produced for this purpose, and for that matter, with respect to the replacement of all IC engines, we don't mass produce the required batteries. As for...
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    Hydrogen car lunacy.

    Um batteries need to be charged and, unless i am mistaken, most electricity is still produced through the burning of fossil fuels. So, using batteries does not eliminate the carbon footprint that automobiles produce, it might reduce it, and re-distribute it... but there will be a greater demand...
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    A question on wave-particle duality

    AFAIK everything does. as m increases \lambda is smaller.
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    My idea for Space Travel

    if you could move something of sufficient mass to attract the sun toward it, i would say you are of sufficient technological advancement that this would seem inordinately inefficient, and slow. (edit: the same would probably apply if you could generate a field big enough to do this.) the sun...
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    Why most particles are spherical?

    Pictures in high school text books :D
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    Question about the physics behind a guitar string

    the pitch of a string is it's resonating frequency, which is dependent on the length, mass, and tension of the string, so changing anyone of these properties will change the strings resonating frequency... Obviously the quickest and easiest way to do this is to virtually change the length of the...
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    Can gravity exist without mass?

    I have to disagree with you and say what you have outlined in this instance as "gravity" does require mass. The observers mass.