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    Re: mmmmmm QM

    oops sorry guys
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    Oh and one more question

    I see thanks for that Haelfix, that's the trouble with some articles they tend too exaggerate.
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    Why exacly 11 dimensions?

    mmmmmm? Hey guys have you ever thought though that m theory and supersymetry are the deluded ravings of mathemeticians who are being driven slowly insane by the wierdness of qm :wink: String theory too could be just an imagined nonsense :wink: Let's maintain some sort of scientific...
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    Ghosts in the News

    The way it is currently researched using infrared and conventional cameras, sophisticated sound recording devices, and electromagnetic detectors, simply place recording instruments in areas where sitings are frequent like the architypical 'haunted mansions' etc and see if any data is collected...
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    Ghosts in the News

    Ghosts in the machine I once attended a lecture on imprinting how events can be 'superimposed' upon particular areas, especially emotionally charged ones, highly speculative but a very interesting explanation for ghosts; I think the sheer weight of anecdotal evidence for ghosts, and the fact...
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    Multiple Intelligence Tests

    Intelligence tests? The idea that something as nebulous and complicated as intelligence can be indicated with anything approaching a significant result, is at once both preposterous and laughable; most psychologists believe that IQ tests passed the age of 16, tend to indicate you level of...
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    Oh and one more question

    I know why the dark matter and dark light hypothesis exist to explain the universes apparent mass; when our calculations say it is only a small percnetage of the universes actual mass etc, and the hubble constants apparent increase and so on, but what if what we are looking at is innacurate? The...
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    Re: mmmmmm QM

    Well no replies there, so much for trying to learn about quantum mechanics? Ok a different question, there are two theories I've heard about black holes and the reason why Hawking has now accepted that information can escape from black holes, one is string theory, the other is loop theory...
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    Quantum Computing

    I have read with interest the previous post on this topic, but wonder, I recently read an article about the first quantum transistor, a small step on the path to a true quantum computer, and also some articles on using argon atoms and electrons as ram and a bus respectively; can anyone however...
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    Is gravitation faster than light?

    Gravitons Vey interesting but arent you forgetting that the graviton has never been detected so all of this is just conjecture, personally I think gravity has no force carrier and we have allready unified all the forces; gravity is an effect of mass, there is no mediator, thus it can escape a...
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    Has any supernatural event been 'proven'?

    Two categorys There is a third category, those who think that all this stuff is fascinating, if very anecdotal and who are slightly skeptical but willing to look closely at good research into the area; I have attended many lectures on the 'unexplained' and have a deep respect for people who try...
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    Can quantum theory be explained?

    Maths Personally I think the problem with QM is devide between the mathemticians and the experimentalists. A good pysisist is both, getting tanlged up in mathematical somantics is fine and worthy work but if that's all you do then your wasting your time; pure maths is pointless for a...
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    Can quantum theory be explained?

    I think your missing the point here, natures truths are beautiful and we would benefit greatly from knowing them, I dont necessarily need to know if a major terrorist threat has been averted at the time, because the panic caused by said threat would be counter productive to intelligence...
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    Can quantum theory be explained?

    Thanks for putting me straight on the ins and outs; yes precisely my point although rather cryptically made do not try to understand what we cannot yet understand is perhaps a dangerous way of looking at things, with the current understanding it beehoves us to find ways to understand the...
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    Can You Resolve Something for Me?

    yes it is key to understanding anything we look for a wave we see a wave we look for a particle we see a particle we look for both we see both light a case in point what are we rreally seeing? Can you see the point:-) lol