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    There is little molecule bond between gas molecules, then why we have

    Indeed, but we are talking about how can we think about sound wave in an ideal gas (which apparently have no force of attraction). So I was just using collision as a way of explaining the propagation of longitudinal waves :)
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    There is little molecule bond between gas molecules, then why we have

    True.. however, we do that just to simplify things, and also usually its mentioned, that even though in reality there are collisions of molecules with EACH OTHER, the final result (connecting the pressure, volume and the moles and rms speed) remains the same. So we only avoid the collision of...
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    There is little molecule bond between gas molecules, then why we have

    But I checked in most sites, that mention the motion of sound waves in ideal gas. For example in wiki it mentions a line saying the "speed of sound in an ideal gas is independent of the frequency" So I guess, in ideal...
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    Energy vs force vs work vs power

    I like to think of it this way FORCE = how much strength you have.. if someone asks you "can you lift a 50kg object off the floor?", you think about "how much force i need to exert, or do i have enough strength in me to lift it" .. if you don't have the required strength to put the sufficient...
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    AC applied to a capacitor.

    this is wrong.. q = (Im/ω)*sinωt.. You are integrating. remember not differentiating. So this becomes Vm = Im*1/ωC compare this to V = IR so 1/ωC plays the role of impeding the AC.
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    Force exerted by like charges

    Absolutely... and if you want to think of this in terms of energy, its called "Electrostatic potential energy" Someone must have done work to bring those two charges in that position.. and the work did by that "someone" got stored up as the potential energy.
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    Static Electricity

    @Aichuk When u rub the balloon, u are creating a charge imbalance (if u rub balloon to your hair, i think the balloon gains electrons from your hair and becomes negatively charged .. but it doesn't really matter if it gains or loses, what matters is.. this creates a charge imbalance).. and its...
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    Does plucking one point on the string really can cause standing wave?

    This looks very interesting.. just take a look.. maybe what u have been thikning about Its a combination of a lot of harmonics together..
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    Kinetic energy vs. momentum

    Hello Javiatrix "My first post too :D" I wouldn't say momentum is just a cooked up "currency" to work with physics.. I think of momentum as something that defines how much "motion" an object has. Because, when objects bang into each other, collide, break apart, plough, or even explode, the...
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    Elasticity (understanding elasticity from stress strain curve)

    So what I finally understand is.. elasticity is not something we can quantify.. so its not a physical quantity right?
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    Elasticity (understanding elasticity from stress strain curve)

    Yes.. and we still say steel is more elastic compared to those elastomers.. so basically elasticity is not just a measure of how much recoverable strain its can exhibit right?.. So thats what i wanted to know exactly when we say something is elastic.. what do we mean.. it must have high yield...
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    Elasticity (understanding elasticity from stress strain curve)

    So you mean to say.. we don't have to really define which is more elastic ? its not relevant in the real world application?
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    Elasticity (understanding elasticity from stress strain curve)

    Well.. i got that.. but how do find which is more ELASTIC?
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    Elasticity (understanding elasticity from stress strain curve)

    Hello .. I have problem understanding how to decide which material is more elastic based on stress strain curve.. my understanding is as follows 1)if a material has big youngs modulus.. then it is more stiff 2)a material with a big youngs modulus may be or may not be very elastic (elasticity...