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    News Im late for work.

    All your bomb r belong to us
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    Suicidal People and the Gene Pool

    you arnt born suicidal. Life conditions can create the sence of hoplessness, uselessness and despair. It can happen to anyone. Really..
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    News Im late for work.

    this thread got weird fast. ps, i ended up being late. Didnt risk it.
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    Is it possible to predict the future?

    Hitler apparently grew up beside that river called Hister. Interesting....
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    Something i must share before i go mad

    you were violated. sue.
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    News Im late for work.

    Should i run to catch the train? Or play it safe? :rolleyes:
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    The Conscious!

    I really think you should read the book in this thread. I think you will really enjoy it. [Broken]
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    Planet discovered in 3-star system

    Man, if intellegent life could ever evolve on a planet like that I wonder how their civilization's religion and mythologies would be like.
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    German translator?

    google transler came up with: I had nearly one year ago of the first couch wheel of the company report to the Tieffflieger mine in the insolvency/(wheel market 30,03,05) before mine managing director Suekrue Guerses could answer last week a requested telephone recall of the wheel market over...
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    Get the point across nicely?

    Tell him your a man trapped in a womans body but still prefer men which makes you not a lesbian, but still gay. Gay men are picky most times, tell him you are just like that and not into him. Weather hes confused or not, it should get him off your back.
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    Possible Explanations To Fermi's Paradox?

    How can we all agree with this? Isnt that so limited in scope, mind and logic? There very well could be and most probably civilizations that are millions of years beyond us. We would more or less appear to be maggots even bacteria in respect to their evolution and technological development...
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    Our Hard Drive Which art internal Volume C by name

    This was great, but rather then Amen i think it should be End If. Or just End hehe.
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    Top 10 Web fads

    Im shocked that all your base isnt number one. never heard of the Mahir one.
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    Stupidest infomercial ever

    Ive seen this one infomercial that was so rediculous with their counter of sold items (we all know its fake). This thing was incrementing every 1/4 second. When they started it was around zero and in just a few minutes it was up in the thousands, then tens of thousands. I was rofl. It was going...
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    Women only

    ops,thought this was the mens thread. Multi threads open in firefox. :) Its funny anyways. haha woman...