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    Control systems -- input with non-zero initial conditions

    1. Homework Statement Deriving an s-domain equation for the following inputs a) &b) 3. The Attempt at a Solution I understand how to derive the equation for an input with zero initial conditions (part a) but I'm not sure what to do when there are non-zero initial conditions (part b)
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    Composite lay-up

    1. Homework Statement a)Describe a potential laminate lay-up that would exhibit high shear stiffness b)Describe a potential laminate lay-up that would exhibit a low poissons ratio 3. The Attempt at a Solution a) is a unidirectional lay-up in the direction of the shear force best? b) an evenly...
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    Radial/Hoop stress in a steel turbine disc

    1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations -given in question 3. The Attempt at a Solution I am bit confused with the boundary conditions of this problem. I understand the radial stress is zero on the inside diameter and the radial stress on the outside diameter will be the reaction to...
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    Material selection for vehicle leaf spring

    1. Homework Statement I've gone though a material selection process to pick the optimum material for a rear leaf spring suspension for a vehicle (~700mm long) and I've selected the top 10 materials based on fatigue, fracture, toughness, cost, yield etc: -Stainless steel, martensitic, AISI...
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    Material selection based on either U1 or U2 merit index

    1. Homework Statement Choose a component based on either U1 or U2 merit index and select what you believe to be the optimum material. 2. Homework Equations U1=(σ)^2/E (Energy density) U2=(σ)^2/(Eρ) (specific energy density) 3. The Attempt at a Solution I was going to use a spring damper...
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    Von Mises stress

    Thank you
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    Von Mises stress

    If the von mises stress well is below the yield stress, am I right to assure the material is behaving elastically?
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    Picking an element type for FEA

    When choosing between a 2D 4-node quadrilateral element and 8-node for FEA stress analysis, why is the 8 node option preferred? I understand it has much more flexibility with different shapes due to the central mid node but are there any other reasons?
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    Proximity Sensor, Design Project

    I've taken a year out of university to work at a design company and they have given me a project to design/make a test rig which measures the position of a metal shaft within an actuator assembly to check if its within a +/- 0.2mm tolerance. Some of the key requirements are: No contact with...
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    Thermal Resistance

    1. Homework Statement Explain how the concept of thermal resistance can be used in the analysis of heat transfer problems 2. The attempt at a solution So I'm made a few key points but I am not sure if I have answered the question fully: Thermal resistance is a heat property and a...
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    Surface temperature of a tile

    I've double checked my code and all the methods seem to be okay. Yep, i have used the tri-diagonal matirx and then the built in function tdm() to solve the matrix Matt
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    Surface temperature of a tile

    Hi Chet The program calculates the temperature using fourier's equation in one dimension: dU/dt=α*(d^2 U/d^2 x) . I'm guessing crank is the best method as it seems to have the best compromise between stability/accuracy compared to the others. I am just confused as to why the differencing...
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    Surface temperature of a tile

    Hi, I have written a matlab program to calculate the surface temperature on a tile and I am trying to find the most stable/accurate differenceing technique. I have plotted the surface temperature (where its actual value is ~122.5) against the time step for the differencing techniques shown...
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    Flat-pack coffee cup

    Hi, I am a 2nd year student studying Mechanical Engineering. As part of our design module we are doing a feasibility analysis into a 'disposable Fold-flat cup with an integrated lid' which is to replace existing coffee cups. I understand their are some patents for similar products which would...