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    Math How marketable is a BS in Applied Mathematics degree?

    Sure. In that sense, Applied Mathematics is arguably the most marketable degree you could ever ask for.
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    Schools Florida: university options

    I'm a UF engineering major, so I'm more familiar with each school's engineering department (not so much science/physics). But my (biased) opinion would be UF > UCF > USF > FSU
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    Programs Telling your professors what your major is

    Engineers are basically just plumbers and construction workers. (just kidding... I'm an engineering major myself :smile:)
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    Programs Do you actually have to work for 15 hours a day to get an engineering degree?

    Completely agree. I find that a lot of engineering courses (especially the heavily math-based ones) just kind of "make sense" to me, and so not that much studying is required. Problem sets can take a while sometimes but it's not too bad. The course I've had to study the most for so far was...
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    Programs Do employers look at your major or what classes you have taken?

    People graduate from undergrad with nothing to list on their resume but coursework? Wow, that is really sad.
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    Engineering M.D. getting engineering degree

    I could be wrong, but I would imagine that you could find employment in a biomedical engineering/technology related field without any additional degrees. I don't think anyone would mind having an M.D. on staff; they're probably hard to come by!
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    Summer getting too hard for you? Post your Fall Schedule to cool down!

    Tentative: Process Thermodynamics Fluid and Solid Operations Energy Transfer Operations Business Finance
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    Schools Does anyone know which college math course uses conics the most?

    ...are you in high school or university?
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    Post Your Grades for Spring Term

    I went to high school for two years in Canada and two years in the US. At my Canadian school, 80+ was an A; at the American school, 90 was the cutoff. However, the coursework and grading at the American school was much, much easier. In Canada, it was very difficult to get above a 90 in a...
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    Measuring Wetness/Spotting/Filming

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of any test methods to quantitatively measure any of the following three things: (Note: These aren't theoretical questions, I am looking for tangible laboratory solutions to these problems) Wetness Suppose you have a collection of several...
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    Chemistry How much math and physics will I need for physical chemistry?

    For thermodynamics and kinetics ("Physical Chemistry I" at my school), you really only need multivariable calculus ("Calculus III").
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    Number of credits

    We need more information. Do you work full time? Do you have a family you need to spend time with? etc. etc. If you're just a regular college student who only feels like taking 9 hours, yes, that'll look bad.
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    Physics or something else?

    Are you sure?
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    Should I get my Masters in Electrical Engineering?

    Is there any reason you didn't intern anywhere during undergrad? Anyways, I'm a ChemE major, but at both places I've interned, there is no difference between an applicant with a B.S. and one with an M.S. - no difference at all in terms of placement, salary, rank (in the company), etc. In fact...
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    Can I get into MIT, cal Berkeley or Stanford?

    Completely false. I did my first half of high school in Canada and the second half in the US. I was amazed at how terrible the American high school was in comparison to my Canadian one. American education seems to be focused completely on "teaching to the test". There were several people in my...