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    Masters in some sort of Energy discpline

    Masters in some sort of "Energy" discpline Currently I am in the final year of a 3 year degree in Physics, and I have decided I would prefer to do something much more practical. I would like to get into the energy industry, as such I am looking to apply to universities offering Masters...
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    Programs Advice on how to Write A* final year degree Project

    Thanks a lot Choppy your input is very much appreciated! Game over, that could be a good idea seeing what previous students have submitted as reports. I will speak to my supervisor to see what he says about that.
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    Programs Advice on how to Write A* final year degree Project

    Hi. Is there any advice you can give as to how to go about this. Things I need to make sure I do, what not to do, writing style etc etc. Should I follow the exact outline of a reputable paper I have acess to ? If your intrested I have to make a phantom with simillar charcteristics to breast...
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    Radioactivity : mass of sample

    Homework Statement How many radioactive atoms are present in a sample of 6GBq of 99mTc and what is the approximate mass of the sample? Homework Equations A= λN half life = ln2/λ mass = (no.nuclei * mass number)/avorgado number avogado = 6.023×10^23 half life = 6 hours The...
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    Radioactive Decay Calculation

    Homework Statement A sample of pure 99mTc is obtained and has an activity of 5000MBq. What will be the approximate change in mass of this sample after it has all decayed to 99Tc (assume no further decay from this state). (Avogadro's number = 6.023x1023 per mole; Half life of 99mTc = 6Hrs...
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    Radiation penetration

    Homework Statement Calculate minimum thickness of concrete wall of radiation room (2X2X2) such that radiographer doesnt exceed dose limit. Use info below. X ray reading surface of patient (50 cm from source) = exposure= 4.29 X 10^{}-4 effective energy of x ray beam = 40 kev 40% of x rays...