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    News Presidential Candidates 2008

    I am not a big fan of Brownback or Tancredo either, but Senator Paul stood out in my eyes more than those two. He ran as a Libertarian in '98 and came in 3rd. There also seems to be a Libertarian movement beginning to catch on. I think he'll turn out to be much more successful than was expected.
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    Circuit Question

    When the switch closes, it creates a node between the four resistors. The resulting parallel connections will be in series with each other - the way you calculated it. :smile:
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    Microchip Breakthrough

    "Microchip Breakthrough" Here's the article:
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    Hours Allotted for Study

    Wow, thanks for the input guys (although I had to wait a while for the forums to come back up :rolleyes: . . . j/k, the guys at PF do a great job). I am not planning on "counting hours", I just wanted the heads up from a few people who have been through it (more is always welcome). I'm sure...
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    Hours Allotted for Study

    I am definately not expecting to keep my week-ends completely free. However, I would like to keep Saturdays free and preferably Friday nights as well. I just didn't schedule anything for the week-end so that any additional studying I do on the week-end will be on top of the 20 hours during the...
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    Hours Allotted for Study

    Hi, like many who have recently posted in this forum, I will be entering my first semester of college this fall. I will be majoring in electrical engineering. Here is a list of the classes I'll be taking this coming semester: Honors American Public Policy (3 hours + 1.5 hour discussion)...
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    Modern Digital System Design

    Thank you. That was very helpful. Sorry for the delayed reply.
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    Modern Digital System Design

    Thank you very much berkeman. That is extremely helpful.
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    Modern Digital System Design

    I will be taking Modern Digital System Design during the Fall 2006 semester at Texas Tech University. As I am an incoming freshman, I have nobody to consult about this class. If someone could please tell me what this class is about, what I should be expecting, and/or what I can do to prepare for...
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    Potential Difference Help

    Here is the question: A parallel-plate capacitor is made of two circular plates, each with a diameter of .0025m. The plates of this capcitor are separated by a space of .00014m. What is the potential difference between a point midway between the plates and a point that is .00011m from one of...
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    A Linear Diet Model

    Yes, I did edit my answer based off of Hurkyl's advice. Thank you HallsofIvy for checking it as well. Mitchell
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    A Linear Diet Model

    Well my new answer seems more logical :) Thank you so much Hurkyl.
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    A Linear Diet Model

    I am working on solving a linear diet problem. I am given a differential equation. The problem basically requires me to solve the D.E., then plug 'n chug. I have gone over the solution to the D.E. over and over again. A fellow calculus student has also looked over the math and cannot find the...
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    Advice wanted: online chat - text or voice

    I personally use Ventrilo. If you have high-speed internet, you can use your own computer as the server. When I want to chat, I simply startup the server software. This then allows myself and those with whom I wish to talk to connect using the client software. It is quite simple. The initial...
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    Separable Differential Equation

    Haha, I guess I will find out next year.