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    Need Help on Electric Potential

    Hey, So I pretty much don't understand why certain concepts work when dealing with electric potential. Suppose we have an infinite plane with some positive charge density, and the magnitude of the E field at an distance z from the plane is defined as E = (σ)/(2ε) (so the field is uniform...
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    Civil vs Mechanical Engineering - Structural

    Hey, I am currently a sophomore Civil Engineering student, however I'm not sure whether I should be studying civil or mechanical (based off what I want to get into). Basically, I want to specialize at some point in the structural aspect, however, I know each field branches off into this...
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    Forces problem involving rotational motion.

    A cord is wrapped around the rim of a solid uniform wheel 0.240m in radius and of mass 8.80kg. A steady horizontal pull of 30.0N to the right is exerted on the cord, pulling it off tangentially from the wheel. The wheel is mounted on frictionless bearings on a horizontal axle through its center...
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    Few Conceptual questions regarding Rotational Motion.

    Listed below are just a things I cannot figure out involving rotational motion (one involves a situation). -Why does Kinetic Friction do no work if bodies roll without slipping? I thought it would add torque to provide more energy for rotational motion. Situation: A solid bowling ball...