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    Searching for beginners' Math for Quantum Physics ( maybe too beginners)

    As a student in the mid 60's, I was studying existentialism and I asked the professor to draw a picture or a diagram that would explain the philosophy. He couldn't do it, despite his understanding of the subject. Mathematics is much the same. It without fanfare or trappings explains something...
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    Why does math work in our reality?

    I’m reviewing my mathematics knowledge, except I’m looking for a different reason. I understand how it works you know, 1 plus 1 so on, I’m trying to understand why it works. Pure and applied mathematicians and physicists have tied our understanding of reality with mathematics. They believe...
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    Why don't guys wash their hands after going to the bathroom?

    People, I'm a guy so I know! Either they truly don't get it, I mean germs, or it is a protest, or they are in a hurry. Now I suppose there could be some very deep psychological problem. But there you have it! Guys are human, oh wait! they could be a slob. However, Who really knows in...
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    Chemical detection by irrediation?

    the mathematics of irrediation? Thank you, I suspected as much. It was a leading question to another one that is probably best asked as generally as the previously one, If you will stay with me please. I now know that various atomic structures may be illuminated dependant on its components and...
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    Chemical detection by irrediation?

    Some complex/man made molecules decompose so as to leave detectable components. The detection of these components may be accomplished by QA or a good nose. However, is it possible to irradiate the suspected components with a resonant energy thereby exposing it’s existence?
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    Measurement & Existence

    It is interesting that we function despite our lack of understanding of all that is reality. Apparently being ignorant of all that it is, is somewhat blissful, that is untill we ask a meaniful question. Our model of Reality while not being complete is sufficient for the time being. At this...
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    Regarding obscure music

    I'm wondering what happened to the minimalist music of several years ago. It allowed one to concentrate and actually enjoy the changes. The changes caused me react differently than to what may be considered standard musical format. Much different than say to Mozart conpositions, or to Queen's...
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    Anger Management

    Lisa, Anger is but one emotion and as you probably know, a responce to some upsetting event. We are wired that way, however after many decades of poor anger management, I have discovered that, actual reasons for anger, most events are explainable and are not worth the effort. I now do two...
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    The physicist's OS

    Pure, if funded what ever a Cray runs, if not Windows- not for computations of course just publishing, letters, ect. Applied guys, NIX, VMS. Probably the best though is the Cerebral one.
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    How do we know reason is right ?

    People! GET REAL, Reason is but a tool to enable us to navigate reality. Reality is but a perception upon which we base the understanding of our lives. reason is based on a set of rules that we derive form our understanding of reality. Got it. If we perceive reality with but a slim set of...
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    How do we know reason is right ?

    Reason is invoked when we need supportative material. Although we need to have consistency in it's use. It is always correct, it doesen't even need to agree with your neighbors reasoning. Of course one and one are two but bringing God into the mix is criminal if not evil. It has nothing to do...
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    Black hole paradox solved?

    Thanks to Marcus, I have retreated the summation of Professor Hawking’s argument regarding his recent announcement. I will be a long time trying to understand his proof for his position and the summation will not be enough for my review. What I find much more intriguing are the possibilities...
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    Black hole paradox solved?

    Hawking announcement and supporting information I am perplexed that the announcement has not been followed by the supporting documentation.
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    How do we know reason is right ?

    Reason is no more or less than the use of our native ability to computer an answer from knowledge. Reason is the engine that allows us to move from application to application reinforcing the use of it when we conclude with new knowledge to us. It is simply a universal mechanism that allows us to...
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    How do we know reason is right ?

    "No reason, just stopped by to say hello" Reason is a mental mechanism that is used to process a set of conditions that produces an answer. There are levels and types of reasoning that range from personal to academic. i.e. “ I love my mate because she is compassionate and caring”. So was Mother...