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    Merry Christmas PF'ers

    Merry Christmas everyone! Sunayana.
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    If you ever visit meerut

    Reshma, Its really aggravating to see 'moral policing' everywhere... a few days ago, there was an article in the local newspaper (Ahmedabad) talking about a high court judgement to stop various 'days' in colleges in Gujarat from being celebrated. And we all know what a big fuss is made about...
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    If you ever visit meerut

    Well, I haven't seen girls being beaten, but cops in India do target couples. Its not possible for a girl to go out with a guy, especially in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The situation is far better in Gujarat and the south, though. A friend of mine was thrown out of a garden by a cop once and her...
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    nice pictures, Gale! love the jewellery. Sunayana
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    And why do you say that?:rolleyes:
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    Ok...this is me..... Sunayana.
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    Transcendental equations

    Hi I wanted to find out what transcendental equations actually are. Can the computer solve such equations? Thanks, Sunayana.
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    No girl wants engineering

    I know what you mean. The number of girls taking up engineering in my college are very few. Anyway, the number seems to be increasing. Medicine seemed to be the norm in my school too, but I decided to go in for Computer Engineering, much to the shock of my friends, who still think girls cannot...
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    Arranged Marriage

    Hi everyone, I just happened to see this thread and thought I would comment because my parents had an arranged marriage. In our community, the boy, along with his family, goes and meets the girl and her family. The families talk to each other about the prospective marriage, while the boy and...
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    Women earning more money than men

    I originally asked this question because a friend of mine turned down a job offer because she would earn more than her boyfriend does and this would upset him. She took up another job which she is not interested in. I guess this does not happen much outside India. Here, it is very rare to find...
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    Women earning more money than men

    Do you think women earning more than their husbands/partners puts strain in a relationship? How does one handle it? Sunayana
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    Lost without it

    My mp3 accompanies me everywhere. And the internet, of course. Sunayana.
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    MSc. Bilogical Sciences-BITS,Pilani

    BITS Pilani is great...since you weren't keen on any particular branch of engineering, I think it would be a great option. But I'm a little confused. Do you have to do CIVIL/COMPUTERS/MECH/ELECTRONICS/IT and then an M.Sc. in Biological Sciences? What do the two have to do with each other...
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    How bad are you

    Im a saint?!!!! Thats not possible
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    MSc. Bilogical Sciences-BITS,Pilani

    Weren't you taking MET in PEC? Sunayana.