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    Logical puzzle

    ##P \rightarrow Q## doesn't have the same truth table as ##Q \rightarrow P##, but it does in the case of ##\neg Q \rightarrow \neg P##.
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    Most influencial STEM papers or books

    Euclid Edit: Darwin On The Origins of Species
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    Pirate's puzzle

    Your solution looks to be the best one , good job.
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    Pirate's puzzle

    Here's a twist, what if we change the rule such that if 50% (or more) pirates refuse the deal, then the pirate is thrown overboard, can you tell me what happens then? We can also rank the priorities of the pirates from top priority to last priority: Situation A 1)Survival 2)Greed 3)Blood...
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    News Funny pictures of politics and world affairs

    At least the sky must be pretty at night.
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    Calculus Anton or Stewart

    I would suggest Lang a first course in calculus.I learned calculus from scratch with this book and it was a very fluid read.I skipped the first part of the book and started with the Differentiation section. I tried to learn calculus with a more rigorous book (Nitecki) at first but I eventually...
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    How well do you know the multiplication table?

    Guess I know them by heart if both factors are 11 or lower.If one factor is 12 I might have to do the calculation in a split-second, but that's still different than "knowing it by heart".After that I either do it in my head or use a calculator depending how hard it is and how sharp I feel.
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    Was this woman interested in dating me?

    Hard to say.I'm curious as to why you're wondering about this 9 years later? Next time you're wondering about whether a woman likes you or not, try to talk with her and flirt a little.Who knows where it will take you?
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    News Iraqi unrest, Syrian unrest, and ISIS/ISIL/Daesh

    Killing the men.Impregnating their women.Brainwashing their children unless they kill them instead. Imagine that happening to you, the moment before they kill you, standing there like a sitting duck with dozens of other men on your side, defenseless, knowing your child and wife are in the...
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    Bully Math Teachers Common?

    The worst teacher I ever had was teaching catholicism first year of highschool.He was arrogant,confrontational and full of himself beyond belief.Thankfully for younger people than me, this was the very last year catholicism was allowed to be part of the normal curriculum in schools here, so they...
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    Which religion do you affiliate with?

    None, though my background is Catholic.I'm baptized, had my first communion and confirmation.
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    What do you need most in your life?

    Voted Courage, Confidence, Motivation, Hope, Passion and Sleep. Strenght is unclear to me, is it physical strenght? If it is then I don't think it's crucial.Love is also unclear, I assumed it was meant as love between a man and a woman and not as parent love in childhood, with the first one...
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    Pressing fingers to nose and forehead help concentration?

    I've read somewhere that when you're concentrating on something you might stick your tongue out and apply pressure on your lip with it, and it signals to others that you do not want to be disturbed.Don't know if it's based on anything, I didn't manage to find it back with a quick google search.