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    Normal Science Graduates Too Many Sophomores

    I'm not entirely following your post. Could you give us an example of where "we have placed [physics and chemistry] on too high a pedestal"? Could you also give us an example where "[w]e have become deluded into thinking that the methods utilized by these sciences are not only the best but the...
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    Black hole in LHC?

    Perhaps you were thinking of a"? One thing they’ve found is that it is possible to switch the force between atoms in certain kinds of BECs from positive to negative and back using a magnetic field, a phenomenon known as a Feschbach resonance. But get this: in 2001...
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    Google's search engine from 2001 - Look at what I found!

    Evo, I can not believe you havn't said/done this yet... "David Deutsch" gets 3,380 results!
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    Google's search engine from 2001 - Look at what I found!

    Ron Paul must have been relatively QUITE well-known considering that then governor Mike Huckabee only got 10500 hits and soon to be released "Windows XP" only 1,580.
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    Google's search engine from 2001 - Look at what I found!

    Google's search engine from 2001 -- Look at what I found! In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Google has posted it's search engine results and data going all the way back to January 2001: [Broken] Sounds interesting... so I decided to compare...
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    Molecules back to singular atoms.

    If slow speed determines longevity, then I guess Windows Vista will be around forever! OK, back to science now :) A gaint tortoise may move slow and have a long lifespan, but a giant bowhead whale moves faster than the tortoise and has been recorded as having a lifespan longer than that of the...
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    Hawaiins Sueing Doomsday Machine

    CERN doomsday black hole lawsuit dismissed by Hawaiian judge: Unfortunately, this judge seems to have taken seriously some of the popular sensationalism surrounding this case when she writes that Is this over...
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    VOTE PF Photo Contest - The Tree Of Life

    Ummm... edward, ZapperZ, and JasonRox 's pictures must have been sucked into that nearby Tevatron because they aren't showing up. The rest of the pictures do show up, however.
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    Origin of the Uinverse / baby universe

    It's a contemplated mystery. If you are interested, you might want to check out the "[URL [Broken] Model of the Universe [/URL] published in the" [Broken]" threads.
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    Medical How many different diseases are there?

    I think I know what I'll be doing this week! Geez Luiz! Life's not as diseased as I thought! 2178 sounds about an order of a magnitude less than what I would have guessed. Guess there's only one way to know for sure... I'll count starting with the A's... see you all next year! :)
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    Medical How many different diseases are there?

    I am wondering if anyone knows how many disesases have been identified/diagnosed throughout the world. I tried searching the NIH sites but, well, good god there is so much information I don't even know where to start or what search terms to use for this question! I would think that different...
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    Bell Labs Kills Fundamental Physics Research" Six Nobel-prize worthy research came from that lab, including the invention of the silicon transistor, and the laser! It was a business decision by the parent company but, I think it's a very myopic business decision to abandon...
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    Geneva University speed of entanglement results

    Zapper, I know you're just quoting Sean Carroll when you say that "there's an intrinsic connection", but isn't this term ("intrinsic connnection") a little too ill defined for professional physicists to be using to explain/describe something? I ask because when I search google for that term, the...
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    PF Quiz #3 Today at 11AM CST

    Sounds like fun! Just 1 question, will you be accepting bribes in exchange for the correct answers (and their respective questions)?
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    PF Quiz #1 (transcript)

    NOOOO!!!! I just read the quiz questions in the "other thread," and I have to say, they looked like the kinds of questions that I would have been able to answer! You are supposed to save those types of quizes for when *I* am in the chat room, buddhamit! :)