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    CpG islets ? [Broken]
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    DNA concentration [Broken] I like isopropanol instead of ethanol, but that is more of a personal preference thing. Good luck.
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    Rejection of Substance by Body

    Common???....I'm not sure, but beta-lactam antibiotics in the context of a serious bacterial infection might qualify, as there are so many people allergic to penicillin.
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    What are these called?

    Monique, I haven't been to the lab in awhile, as I am graduated and taking a little time off, but that IS a good idea. I am a good 40 minutes from the lab however. Thank you so much for your help Ian and Monique. I do appreciate it.
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    What are these called?

    Electrically operated (either by battery or plug in), and uses vacuum to direct fluid transfer into and out of pipettes that you attach to it. I always thought they were automated pipettors but I can't find anything like what I use in the lab on the web. Any thoughts? I'm looking to purchase...
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    What happens to bread that makes it go stale?

    Well anytime you leave any sort of sugar source out at room temp, you up the odds of having an escalation of the resident microbial population. However given the amount of time you are talking, the reason it is tought is because there is also evaporation at work. Try this. Get the same...
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    What happens to bread that makes it go stale?

    In a word.........evaporation.
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    For those of you with the Alberts text

    For those of you with the Alberts text...... Page 999, top paragraph: "Once the pre-RC has been assembled in G1, the replication origin is ready to fire . The activation of S-Cdk in late G1 pulls the trigger and initiates DNA replcation. The initiation of replication also requires the...
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    Buffer preparation problem

    I don't know if I can effectively convey what I am doing here, but I am going to try because I need the help. I am trying to determine my ratio of acid to base and subsequently make a .5M Tris-HCl buffer utilizing Tris base, and concentrated HCl. By my calculations I get a 19.05 parts acid/1...
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    Horse hemoglobin

    I am looking for information regarding bovine or (preferrably) horse hemoglobin (human may even work). Specifically, I would like to know molecular weight, heat stability characteristics and behavior in any popular detergents (SDS would be nice). The link below was the only thing I turned up...
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    Hendersen Hasselbach

    I am starting to make the various buffers for my research, but I am a bit rusty with my chemistry. I want to know if hendersen hasselbach equation can be used if the desired pH is higher than the pKA. Specifically, I want to make 1.5 M Tris-HCl buffer (pH 8.8) utilizing Tris base and HCl. I...
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    Cell wall and uptake of nutrients

    I just asked this question in my Mycology class. Fungal walls are either (usually) composed of chitin or cross-links of N-Acetylglucosamine. Either way, they don't seem to pose a problem for nutrient uptake as they go right through the cell wall. I think the primary purpose of the cell wall...
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    HIV needle stick infection rate

    Aren't there drugs available to those that have been exposed in a 12-24 hour time-frame that dramatically lowers the odds of being infected?
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    Taxonomy question

    Nevermind, I think I figured it out.
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    Taxonomy question

    Is phylum=division? Thanks!