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    The Great Outdoors

    The pole is probably irrelevant by now.
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    Movies for hardcore sci-fi geeks

    Saw it. Liked it.
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    What are some of your favorite science-fiction novels?

    Aha! Tracked it down. Only off by one order of magnitude. The book is "Camelot 30K" by Robert L. Forward. Interesting premise, well-done aliens, good read.
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    What can I make with a toaster I no longer need? (project)

    There are several projects out there for converting toaster ovens into surface mount solder reflow ovens for electronics PCB construction.
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    IQ is everything?

    One trouble with IQ tests is bias based on localized societal norms and consensus expectations made about common background information. Now an interesting question (to me at least) is what would an IQ test for E.T's look like? And which is 'smarter' dog or cat?
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    The title of PhD in math at MIT

    Don't know why they have two degree labels, perhaps historical? I do know that MIT does not give out honorary degrees.
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    Lower their blood pressure by releasing their Sniglets

    "Cartuning" -- jockeying your car slightly forward at a stop, trying to improve radio reception.
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    IQ is everything?

    In real life, it turns out not to matter so much if you are the smartest person in the room or not (regardless of whether that can or cannot effectively be measured by a test). Even if you are, you won't and don't have all the insights or ideas that get generated by the collective group -- not...
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    Star Trek Continues - Awesome!

    Just watched an episode. Actually didn't suck! I agree they've nailed the feel of TOS.
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    What are some of your favorite science-fiction novels?

    For William Gibson, I thought Mona Lisa Overdrive was even better than Neuromancer. Ender's Game by Card of course. Hit it out of the park with that one, but much of his other stuff is drek. Want to recommend a book I thought was called "Camelot 3K", which I though was by Charles Sheffield...
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    What are some of your favorite science-fiction novels?

    Plug for almost anything by Roger Zelazny. He rides a fine line between SF and fantasy, but always makes the fantasy seem plausible. Unlike many of the hard SF writers (which I love), his prose is a thing of beauty. Try: This Immortal to start, or any of his short story collections (where he...
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    Girls in Engineering-Relationships

    Men, particularly young, science and engineering types, need clear cues. You may feel you are making your interests obvious, but they (we) often need to be beaten over the head to 'get it'. That said, this issue lessens with time and age as most guys eventually overcome the hesitancy to engage.
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    Most abused word in Science?

    Yes, but it's only a phase. :devil:
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    News Supreme Court upholds health care reform

    and you can self-insure, which is not a provision in the health-care law.
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    The Alphabet Story Game