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    Finding Coefficient of Kinetic Friction

    Homework Statement See, I was collecting data for a lab, and now when I look it at, I'm being asked to find the kinetic friction force and the coefficient of friction. What I was given was: the mass of the block: .261 kg gravity: 9.81 m/s2 the acceleration: -7.3125 m/s2 And that's it. If it...
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    Accelerating projectile force needed

    There is no attempt at a solution.
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    Kinematics Question

    Thanks for all the help! :)
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    Kinematics Question

    If that were the case, then it wouldn't require all three equations would it? Just the second one, no?
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    Kinematics Question

    Nothing else is stated other than what is provided. It's actually a problem from a summer assignment that is due the first day of the semester. There's no other information in the header, as it just provides a brief overview of instructions for the section, which is "Algebra", and it basically...
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    Kinematics Question

    Homework Statement Given v0=0 m/s, x0=0 m, and t=10 s, use all three kinematic equations together to find xf. Homework Equations vf=v0+at xf=x0+v0t+1/2at2 vf2=v02+2a(xf-x0) The Attempt at a Solution The more I look at this, the less sense it makes. First off, I tried to plug the values into the...