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    IPhone on space." [Broken]. Anyways, it says that it will look for radiation effects with "single bit upsets", is memory really that sensible to radiation?
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    Missing matter found by Monash student.

    Is this paper trying to say that dark matter is actually baryonic mass?
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    Learning to read schematics has a great E-book, and very good forums on the topic, check it out.
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    Just curious how electric motors work, specifically DC motors.

    Re: motors There are many DC-AC converters designed specially to run from a 12v car battery. I find it really usefull to have 110v AC outlets in my car. It costed me around $30 for a 400W inverter.
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    Ideas for inventions

    There are a few companies developing Exo-skeleton suits. I've seen the Raytheon (named XOS) suit in a few videos.
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    What is it exactly about an explosion that pushes the piston in an engine?

    Besides the Temperature increase, there is a very high increase in the 'n' of the equation -number of moles-. The gasoline enters as liquid and changes into gas.
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    Newton's 2nd Law conceptual problem

    Expanding cjl's post: 30000N=15000kg*2m/s^2 is wrong; while F=15000kg*(2m/s^2 + 9.8m/s^2) is the right expression.
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    Electron schwarzchild radius problem

    Anyways, applying the concept of Schwarzchild radius to an electron seems pointless. EDIT: It appears it's not entirely pointless. There's even" [Broken]
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    Photons reflecting off mirrors, wheres the flaw?

    Maybe when considering a single photon one would have to consider solid state physics and phonons? (I'm just thinking out loud)
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    Movement In Space

    1. " contact with an equal and opposite force" to what? the object won't stop unless a there is a force that causes it to decelerate until it stops. 2. No, it will keep moving at a constant 100km/h. Remember that acceleration involves work and energy, so nothing accelerates unless...
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    Photons reflecting off mirrors, wheres the flaw?

    When you say de Broglie you mean the 'simple' \lambda = \frac{h}{p}?
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    Photons reflecting off mirrors, wheres the flaw?

    So to resolve this scenario one needs complex math with Hamiltonians? Isn't there some simple math for it? I was expecting a very straightforward solution.
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    Photons reflecting off mirrors, wheres the flaw?

    Hello. Consider 2 spacecraft isolated in space, with a mirror on their back, facing each other. One light pulse is shot between them. The photons reflect off the first one, transferring a momentum off 2p, travels in the opposite directions, reflects off the second spacecraft, giving it 2p...
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    HELP pounds to kcal

    Re: HELP!!! pounds to kcal You are trying to add apples and oranges. Kcal is a unit of energy, while pound is a unit of mass. For determining how much weight in the long run a person will gain after consuming X kcal you would need precise data on his energy consumption.
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    Isolated system

    Open system exchanges matter and energy with its surrounding. Closed systems exchanges just energy with its surroudings; e.g a Thermos An isolated system doesnt exchange anything with its surroundings. Its like if it were alone in the universe.