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    ADC to convert 1GHz+ frequency signal

    Hey all.. Anybody worked on an ADC ic capable of converting an analogue signal with 1GHz frequency or more to Digital signal of say 10 bits or more ?? Thanks for you time SCHNiTZER
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    Capturing lightning

    ... The only problem is in that energy storage device... I think that the temp. problem could be handled... One of the profs. said once that a study proved that a single capture of a lightning could save up energy equal to a big country's 100 year supply of fuel... lets try & capture...
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    Need help finding LCD

    Hitachi We used Hitachi LCDs for our microcontrollers lab... very easy to use... datasheets are available on the net... and you can easily obtain one from a broken phone such as panasonic home phones.. & I think they have built in drivers 2.. check this out...
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    Learning Simulink(Matlab) would help me build systems

    Hello... I am an electrical engineering student & currently taking some system & signals courses... I was wondering if learning Simulink(Matlab) would help me build systems to process & control signals... maybe applying what am studying on simulink!... And if so... can u please recommend a...
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    Convolution of Sinc

    .... turns out that this problem was given us as an introduction to why we are supposed to study freq. domain & the its conversion.....
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    Convolution of Sinc

    I really need some help... this is a signal analysis course homework & it is reallly important... x(t) = sinc(x) h(t) = sinc(x) I need to solve this convolution problem in any way... i tryed solving it using matlab but i really need some help... thanks
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    Why study non-causal system? HELP ME

    Why study non-causal system?? HELP ME PLZ Hello everyone... Our signal analysis prof asked us the following question: " Why study non-causal systems if they are not real & not physically available in our lifes ?? "... am supposed to answer this question.... Am sick of searching the net for...
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    Electrogastogram Amplifier

    Hello... How are you all.... I have this research about Electrogastogram Amplifiers, If anyone has any idea what this amplifier is about please reply. Thanks for your time... SCHNiTZER :uhh:
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    Help datasheet

    Well i have no schematic... I was asked to find out some info about this device.. I looked everywhere but i couldnt find anything, i checked my electronic devices & design books... My uni. notes... i couldnt find anything similar to it.. Iv never seen such symbol.. Anyways, Thank you berkeman...
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    Help datasheet

    Help.. datasheet plz Hello Everyone... I got this electronic device of a machine control unit, I cant manage to find any information about this device. The label says " MSC 03906GRF - 0043 ", the symbol of the device is attached, plz if anyone has any information or where to get datasheets you...