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    A Linux hardware/software problem

    Thanks a lot, I have that problem and solved it with partition magic already.
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    A Linux hardware/software problem

    You question is dumb ?
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    Does music effect your mood?

    Music will heal your soul and your broken heart, i regret to say that though. anyway, wish you best luck and healthy. Again, I am truely sorry. Come on, just smile like this :smile: :smile:, Spendin sometimes watching movies, chilling out with friends might be of great help for you....
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    Headphones lose function in one of the earpiece

    why not have it fixed by repaimen ? u can also by a new ones with cheap price, $15.30 or lower price can satified u if u like to do auction on yahoo pagie -As always, have a nice day :smile: :smile: :smile:
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    Share files

    How can i shaer filesbetween madrake and winxp ? i dunno. how to set up file shareing betw them by a cable, not a printer cable ? Thanks a lot.
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    Why connect to my computer ?

    When I netstat my computer, i always see it- Ip address from the US, do you know why ? I don't mask my proxies... Thank you
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    Help me fix my bike

    No, i actually don't understand, just the way you say really makes me laugh.
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    Help me fix my bike

    What you say makes me laugh a lot. :smile: :smile: :smile: You look fun, i am sure, when you ride your bike up hill; :smile: :biggrin:
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    Download Linux

    Thank you... Take care of yourself.
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    The give away shope

    do this thread belonges to britiany barons ?
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    Download Linux

    Thank you for the link, but it doesn't work
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    Martial arts and the sixth sense

    From what i understand what you said, I think that Grand Master might be crazy.
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    Ways to make a computer faster (windows)

    I find this the most useful advice !!!!! :smile:
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    Download Linux

    Do you know where i can download fedora for free ? I downloaded a lot of unix-based free software and recorded them in a lot of cd's but finally i can't use any of them because my system says my software are 'cracks',not-yet-incompletely-downloaded ones. I use windows and I don't know how to...
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    Schools Recommended Graduate Schools

    On what ground can people say a school is good, may i ask ? Thanks