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    Other When do your classes start?

    I start classes in a week. First semester of an electrical engineering phd program, I've been RAing for the group since May though. Taking, Random processes, advanced computer architecture, and neuromorphic computing hardware. My research floats around emerging device architectures and...
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    Programs Degree to pursue if interested in imaging

    I did EE in undergraduate and read quite a bit of image processing papers with some having medical applications. EE is nice because you can take the DSP classes that will build up a foundation to take advanced image processing classes. You could go at it from the EE/Computer science side if...
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    Prob/Stats Random Processes

    Awesome, thanks for the resources. I always prefer to self-study a course a little bit before it begins, these resources will help with that. @jasonRF , I'm working in the lab over summer, I can stop by the professor's office and see how he plans to teach the course.
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    Prob/Stats Random Processes

    Reviews made it seem like the chapter was light on examples and derivations/explanations of core theory compared to what is needed to solve chapter problems. Admittedly I only read 5 reviews. Another thing is, I've always felt like I had a weak statistics/probability background so I want to...
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    Prob/Stats Random Processes

    Hi, I need a textbook for a graduate electrical engineering course 'Random Processes'. Here is the course description "Elements of probability theory, random variables, and stochastic processes." The recommended textbook is Any...
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    How to prepare for ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

    If you haven't taken calculus or ODE yet...Just brush up on your algebra and the rest should come easily. Most students seem to struggle early on in engineering from a weak math foundation. No sense learning logic, circuits, and physics if your algebra isn't top notch first. If you know your...
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    Engineering Digital or Analog IC for a person with digital bias

    Saw old thread pop up. Ended up getting RA offer for emerging device group, will be doing spintronic related stuff. Thanks for the advice last year.
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    Studying About the need of reviewing previous courses

    It's always good to review older material when you get the chance, especially in engineering. It might even be a good idea to condense a course into a good set of review notes. Right now you're reviewing to help with a new class, later it will be to prepare for an interview. May as well start...
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    What have you guys engineered in your free time?

    I'm still in school but I've built (as far as practical things I use) -tons of guitar effects -digital hand switch control for guitar effects for my friend in a wheelchair -power supply for breadboard projects -headphone amplifiers Currently using FPGA to drive a VGA monitor from gameboy...
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    When and How Did You First Learn to Write a Funding Proposal?

    I've only ever helped edit and fine tune proposals. I find it very interesting because it lets me in on some of the professors less public ambitions. I've had to do lengthy apps for an NSF funding program and another UG research funding program but never a full on multi-year grant proposal...
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    Computer Science/Engineering

    Comp E don't always take optics and EM fields courses so best to check the schools degree plan to make sure they're included.
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    Is popular science important when studying Physics?

    I think I posted too early in the morning. If someone isn't interested in a topic then of course don't learn it. What I was trying to say (and I guess failed) was that try to not neglect things outside of your major, and try new things. Part of being a scientist is encouraging/inspiring the...
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    Is popular science important when studying Physics?

    In the previous reply you was meant in the general sense, not you specifically. Where did you get the idea that it's to impress others? It's doing others a favor, your boss likely doesn't want to go on his lunch break and talk about work the whole time. This advice (to branch out your knowledge...
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    Is popular science important when studying Physics?

    I was generalizing beyond pop-sci to any material outside one's major's curriculum. Is the pop-science going to make him ace his physics class? No, but it can help in other ways (see trying to inspire a young-n with a proof). Part of being a good scientist imo is helping to inspire the next...
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    C/++/# How did you learn to program? (C++, Mathematica, etc)?

    We've done a bunch of assembly...MIPS32, TI, intel x86, MIPS64. Programming an MSP430 with assembly is so much fun...