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    CPU Hysteresis

    I am trying to get some information on CPU HYSTERESIS TEMPERATURE.... does anyone know what that is?
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    Deep Space Exploration?

    Hey chroot, I am wondering because we are members of PF and if we want to buy these in bulk, is there any technical support provided we get a discount?
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    Post Your Desktop

    I would like to find out where you all go some of your wallpaper ... They are COOOL!
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    Post Your Desktop

    Here is mine.........Has a lot of sentimental value
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    Do we rely on computers too much?

    YES WE DO!!!!I work in technical support for a software company and ohhhh man.. the second someone computer does not work you would think that someone was going to die!!! I think it is rediculus... There are some people that should not even touch one!!!
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    Worms and virusses

    Trojan and worms come accross the intenet the only thing that will stop them is a firewall. Virus's are the only things that travel via email.
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    PF Remote Viewing Test: Object Revealed Any Winner? P. 7

    Could it be a cat??? or Lurch could be right.... A bunch of Physics Forum Sweatshirts...ahhhh from what I can see (its a little foggy.....)maybe grey or white in color... Sizes would range from small to XL.... Now my recepters my be off cuz it is raining here in OR and that tends to...
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    Dos.BootInfector what to do?

    Monique, You can go to which is Symantec's virus removal site. You can find out any information about any viurs and/or find out how to submit to SARC. Depending on what version of theprogram you can submit right thru the quarantine portion of the program.
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    Trojan Horses

    This does not mean you have the subSeven Trojan. All it means is that IT tried to get on to your computer and the firewall blocked it. As long as your viurs defs are upto date and you do a FULL SYSTEM scan and it comes up clean then you are fine!
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    Content.IE5 Folders

    I guess I am wondering how when I delete ALL THE ITEMS IN THE content.ie5 folder EXCEPT for the index.dat I can have a customer scan for a viurs and it show up in that spot and then when we go and try and find it it is not there, and the fact that it regenerated itself.
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    Content.IE5 Folders

    Okay can anyone explain to me what the Content.IE5 folders are good for? I know alot of compressed files are stored there and I also know that it is a virual folder... Please explain I have been racking my little brain and figured that I would post here because PF has the answers for everything!
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    Trojan Horses

    I work for Symantec (Norton) and I do there Viurs,Trojan, and Worm removal. As stated earlier, unless you have personally made someone angry a hacker could careless who you are. They just throw them out there and see where they stick. If it said that it blocked it, then you don't have one...
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    Internet slow !

    Yes I did misunderstand the question thans for the clarification. A majority of the people that I talk to can't even get to the internet so..... and you are correct Norton is the name actually after Peter Norton but no one (at least our customers!)really knows that Symantec and Norton are...
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    Expert: Organized crime behind Sobig?:

    I had heard that they may have found the poeple that wrote it. A mass mailing company in CO. I work for Norton in the virus removal department and have see it some pretty harsh things to peoples systems....
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    Internet slow !

    It depends on the tpye of connection as to why the slowness. I do know (I work for norton virus removal) that sobig.f does not slow internet connection. Just make sure that you keep your defintions up to date and make sure everthing stays enabled ie autoprotect and script blocking. and yes...