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    Face Probabilities of Archimedean Solids

    I'm looking for a way to calculate the probabilities of Archimedean Solids landing on a specific face if a person would roll one. Of course, not the regular polygons like cubes and dodecahedrons, but something with more than one type of face like the snub cube or truncated icosahedron. I am...
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    Small Modular Reactors

    I am in a concepts of nuclear physics course (going for a nuclear physics degree) and we need to do a paper and presentation on a topic. What I picked was small modular reactors. I was wondering if people had links to papers on new technologies, engineering ond concepts in development or...
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    What fantasy universe would you live in?

    All of those are not romantic enough, in the poetic sense. I love the worlds of the old romantics, although I wouldn't want to live in HP Lovecraft's worlds, I want to live in his realm of wonder, where things are beyond comprehension. So, to pick a fantasy realm I have to go to Lord Dunsany's...
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    Group Theory

    thanks! I definitely understand the huge dependance on symmetry in physics, which is why I was thinking about group theory. I keep hearing about SU2 and SU3 and was wondering how much a person can understand without a heavy class such as group theory (i don't know if our prof is really hard...
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    Group Theory

    I'm pursuing a degree in nuclear physics. However, I have a huge interest in particle physics (i know they are closely related). I am wondering how much a math course in group theory will help me understand particle physics. I want to minor in math, so I'm going to take some extra math...
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    Electron influence on nuclear fusion in stars.

    I'm a little confused, does that process violate lepton number? or is a free electron just left out of the right hand of the equation?
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    Strongest Undergraduate Programs in Canada?

    If you are tight on funding there are a lot of good options. Of course there is student loans, and some provinces offer incentives if you continue to work in the province. In Saskatchewan my sister had about 12 grand forgiven off her loan because she works here. Also, there are specific...
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    Good programs for mathematical physics in canada

    At the University of Saskatchewan they really encourage specializing in one of 5 undergraduate degrees, one is theoretical physics. We also have a mathematical physics degree. While both need the same amount of math courses the mathematical physics has to take math courses that are more...
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    Hobbit the Movie

    I wonder how he'll pull off the worg-goblin conversation. In LoTR he portrayed Worgs as mindless, but they speak and its a very important part in The Hobbit. Gandalf understands what they say when they are trapped in the trees and starts throwing fire acorns at them.
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    What is the physics behind quantum tunneling

    One of my favorite quotes deals with the difficulty in understanding this. Freeman Dyson: "Thirty-one years ago, Dick Feynman told me about his "sum-over-histories" version of quantum mechanics. "The electron does anything it likes", he said, "it goes in any direction at any speed...
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    Medical Extreme depression-how to deal with in the interim period

    I too have a lot of problems with depression, but am very stubborn...hence I haven't gone for help like I should. I admire you for that. I agree with most of the people who have posted here, but I have one thing to add that you may not like. Could it be that you are putting too much...
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    Entangled photons in bell experiment: transfer phase or angular momentum?

    And I just got paywalled for a research paper: [Broken] I'm hoping I can get my school to pay, but for a student this completely unfair... sorry to turn the thread into an ideological debate. But this is something I...
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    Entangled photons in bell experiment: transfer phase or angular momentum?

    From what I hear, physicists are proud that most of their papers are open access (the opinions are from my teachers, CERN, PHD comics). Physics is far ahead of the other fields in providing free access to their research, that is something we should be proud of. arXiv may not be the perfect...
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    Do gravitons exist?

    LIGO has yet to find a gravity wave, I hope LISA will be able to (if funding isn't cut like it has been in north america for a lot of projects). I just think it's premature to think gravity fits into particle physics. The dream is unification, but there is no reason that a reductionist...
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    Is String Theory worth the resources it's taking?

    Just because something turns out to be a dead end in one field doesn't mean it's not useful in others. It turns out string theory is extemely useful on wall street (whether you think that is good or not is a good thing is another story). The math being explored could be useful in a lot of...