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    How hard is it to get a job in astrophysics?

    The prize postdocs all have salaries of about 70k.
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    Courses Are graduate classes worth the cost?

    You might value a graduate class more because you and your peers will be held to a higher standard than in the undergraduate version, and the class size might smaller. It could also help a little for graduate school admissions. But as others have said, it's unlikely that you will get credit for...
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    Other When do your classes start?

    I finished my classes in the spring semester of this year. Now I just have to spend the next n years on my thesis :smile:
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    Schools AP Physics C and College Introductory Physics

    I think most colleges in the US will give credit for a 5, but as jtbell suggested, you should check with individual schools. AP Physics C is broken up into mechanics and E&M, and if you got a 5 on both tests, you could get credit for two courses. However, my school gave me credit from my AP test...
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    Looking for direction

    I suggest you look for a "bridge program" in physics. I'm not sure how many are out there, but they seem to target women and minorities who didn't get quite enough preparation during their undergraduate degree. Two examples I can think of are Fisk-Vanderbilt...
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    Schools Would choosing UC Santa Cruz over better schools be bad?

    Of course this is mostly a personal matter, but I know probably half a dozen physics majors from UCSC who did quite well and got into their top choices for grad school. I agree with everything analogdesign said.
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    Testing AP Physics 1 and 2

    I would start with the Princeton Review book, it will tell you everything you need to know about the exam and includes strategies for how to prepare. It has practice exams too.
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    Rigor of this Astrophysics Program

    That's not really true, because if you went to UF you could double major in physics and astronomy, and still take those "contextual classes" if you wanted to. If you can only go to UNF, then fine, there isn't any point in worrying about what you could do at UF, I just mentioned it because it...
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    Schools Can't decide on which college to attend

    There is actually one benefit to going to a school with fewer opportunities in physics, it gives you an advantage for gaining paid summer research internships at other places, namely REU programs. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the NSF is keen on funding people to do things that they...
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    Rigor of this Astrophysics Program

    You want to major in physics and take as many astro courses as you can on the side. With this in mind, the UNF schedule looks pretty weak. There are only two astrophysics courses, and only one semester each of E&M and quantum. That's just not enough. Besides, you can't know the rigor just by...
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    Schools Details about meeting with prof from prospective grad school

    This is probably intended more for students currently enrolled at the institution. You can email them now, but don't expect much. I emailed a few professors when I was applying to grad school (a month or two before applications were due) in cases where my current advisor knew them and had...
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    Schools Chances of Getting Into Graduate School Ph.D Programs

    It still depends on how you do on the PGRE. Nearly everyone admits that the PGRE is not a good indicator of graduate school success, but they still need it for admissions to help normalize GPAs obtained from different schools. I've talked to several admissions professors about this and I get the...
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    Schools Chances of Getting Into Graduate School Ph.D Programs

    You only find them doubtful because you don't understand how grading works in the US. The graduate admissions committees do understand, thankfully. I could see how other countries might be confused, but everything being claimed here in the thread is normal and accurate for the US.
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    Schools Chances of Getting Into Graduate School Ph.D Programs

    With a GPA that high you should be shooting for better than 50th percentile on the GRE, probably at least 75th. I had a similar GPA as you, but I went to a no-name state school where it wasn't that difficult to get A's in physics classes. I scored somewhere in the 60's on the PGRE, and I think...
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    Average general GRE scores at Stanford

    That has to be a typo, the max score is 170. They switched to this system a few years ago, the scaled scores range between 130-170.