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    Charged, Insulating Sheet question

    okay, but the solution that my teacher gave for this problem says that the charged sheet attracts the mass to it, pulling the mass to the left. Shouldn't the sheet push the mass to the right?
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    Charged, Insulating Sheet question

    1. a sphere with mass 4.00 kg and charge of 5.00 C hangs from a thread near a very large, charged insulating sheet. The sheet is to the left of the sphere, and the sphere is is attracted toward the sheet, to the left. The charge density on the surface of the sheet is uniform and equal to...
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    Magnitude and Direction of Electric Point Charges

    1. 1: Suppose eight identical point charges q are placed at the corners of a cube with side length L. Find the magnitude and direction of the electric force produced exerted by these charges on another charge q at the center of a face of the cube. Homework Equations 3. So far...