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    What is supernatural?

    My definition of supernatural: The supernatural is an event which defies the laws of physics.
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    Physics or chemistry for career?

    Good guess, but not quite. I'm actually Australian. I will try to do both in my last years at school, hopefully then I will get a good idea of what I want to do.
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    Physics or chemistry for career?

    Thank you all very much for the replies. I would consider myself to be quite good at maths, and enjoy it, though I have no intention of pursuing a career in it (I'm currently doing advanced maths at school). So, from what I gather, physics would be a more difficult path, as there is complex...
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    True story or anti-smoking urban legend?

    Myth. Assuming the cigarrete even lit the petrol (which is HIGHLY unlikely), it would have been IMPSOSSIBLE for it to match the speed of the car and reach the tank. Not only that, but the conditions in a gas tank make it impossible for it to blow up, as there is not enough oxygen.
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    Physics or chemistry for career?

    Hello, I'm currently in year 10 at high school and trying to figure out which field I should pursue a career in. I like both fields equally, but don't know which one I should choose. I'm looking for some advice regarding the job opurtunities each field could offer. Thank you.