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    LaTeX Page numbering in LaTex

    Why do I only get page numbers on page 2 and not the abstracts? And then it starts over again with page 1 on the first page in the TOC...And then it starts over again on the first page of the first chapger... \documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{report} \usepackage{epsfig}...
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    Quote on icing/superhydrophobic surfaces

    So, the relevance of Shakespeare's quote here is that a body (water droplet) on a slippery (superhydrophobic) surface will "give up" trying to adhere to it?
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    Quote on icing/superhydrophobic surfaces

    Hierarchical superhydrophobic surfaces that repel water and and reduce the accretion and adhesion of ice.
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    Quote on icing/superhydrophobic surfaces

    OK, thanks. Do you think it's a relevant quote?
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    Quote on icing/superhydrophobic surfaces

    I'm not sure if I understand the quote :P English is not my native language, and Google translate wasn't really helpful in this case...
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    Quote on icing/superhydrophobic surfaces

    Hi, I'm writing a Master's thesis on superhydrophobic surfaces aimed at preventing ice accumulation, and I'm looking for an appropriate quote to include in my introduction. Any suggestions?
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    Freezing of water droplets

    Is it correct to say that a water droplet on a surface freezes by heat transfer from the droplet through the water-substrate interface, and a subsequent nucleation process whereby minute particles on the surface (or the surface roughness) acts as nucleation centers? Do you know of a...
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    Linear change due to stress

    Is there a way to calculate the linear change when a piece of MgO is exposed to a stress of 100 MPa?
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    Grain growth equation

    Homework Statement In a nanocrystalline material the grains grow from d0 = 5nm to d = 10nm over a period of t = 1h. The temperature is 500K and the material constant is k0 = 1/s. Homework Equations The Attempt at a...
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    Stress in a beam

    Thanks for replying. No, nothing else is given. It is a so-called Failure Assessment Diagram (FAD).
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    Stress in a beam

    Homework Statement [Broken] a) This steel beam has a quadratic cross-section (A=100mm2). The force F is 10 kN. Calculate the stress in the rod and show that this stress does not exceed the yield strength of the steel...
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    Carrying capacity of Earth?

    A lot more than today, as most countries are socialist. As high as possible.
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    The Right to Ridicule?

    Of course I dont. That would be a violation of other people's rights.
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    Stress intensity

    Homework Statement [Broken] In this system, a single-span beam is exposed to the following stresses: \sigma_{max}= 255 Mpa at F_{max} = 50 kN and \sigma_{min}= 102 MPa at F_{min} = 20 kN The stress range is accordingly \Delta\sigma =...
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    The Right to Ridicule?

    I have a constitutional right to ridicule. This right is totally harmless and does not impose any obligation on others. I don’t ask the government to force anybody to provide me a venue to perform this right, like leftists and conservatives do when they assert their right to health care, their...