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    Name the forces involved.

    It's not really necessary... I was just thinking about this last night trying to go to bed. The question could have some nice mechanical engineering implications, though probably nothing that hasn't already been considered.
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    Name the forces involved.

    What I meant by "one of the fluids" was either the air or the liquid below it. Surely they are both somewhat compressible, but does the interaction between two compressible fluids cause a normal force to counter the external downward force? To me this seems like a question that would need to...
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    Is there such a thing as gravitational pressure?

    I could be way off the mark on this one, but gravitational pressure may be in reference to pressure caused by graviton particles. In the same way that photons give momentum to a solar sail (through application of a pressure/force over time). Relativistically photons have mass, however I'm not...
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    Name the forces involved.

    Imagine you apply an external force to an upside-down bowl shaped container, moving it into a flat surface of water and trapping air in its underside. Are there any substantial upward forces besides the buoyant force? If the impulse is high enough, is there a considerable force produced by the...