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    Anyone here speedcube?

    Yeah, I use the intuitive Fridrich method for the first two layers and a two-look approach for the last layer.
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    Anyone here speedcube?

    I can solve the Rubik's cube fairly quickly. It usually takes me something like 30 seconds, my fastest time is 21 seconds and a bit. I could improve my times a lot by learning all the algorithms for the last layer, but I don't really consider it worth the effort as I have no interest in cubing...
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    Marriage over the phone: under Sharia law

    I agree, indeed it would be quite silly if they did in today's society. The Sharia isn't a holy book though, it's a law on which various countries base their legal system. These punishments are actually put into practice by courts in many muslim countries. Since 2003, one can also do that with...
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    Marriage over the phone: under Sharia law

    Yes. Adultery, blasphemy, and homosexuality are too.
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    Why does a car continue to run when the engine is turned off?

    1. The ignition turns off when you turn the key, so the engine doesn't run. The wheels turn the transmission and the engine, so the engine does keep rotating and the tachometer will still show the RPM. It won't respond to throttle though, the car will just come to a stop. 2. The starter motor...
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    Name of Economist

    Jagdish Bhagwati.
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    Prime Cell Phones

    Yup, November 5th is right. That's also the smallest sexy prime pair.
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    Prime Cell Phones

    Tangentially related: both my birthday and month of birth are prime and together they form a" [Broken] pair. Yay. None of my phone numbers are prime though.
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    Schools How taboo is doing undergrad and grad school at the same place?

    It doesn't really matter that much, but in general it is better to see how things are done in other places and get some connections. I don't consider it taboo at all, there are plenty of people that do both degrees in the same institution. It is strongly encouraged to go to a different place for...
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    How do you want your coffee?

    A good shot of espresso is just wonderful. Preferably made with freshly ground beans of course, but I don't have a grinder at the moment.
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    Confused about Voltage and Current

    Regarding generators, the generating power of the generator is (ideally) equal to the product of the current and the voltage it produces, so increasing one means decreasing the other. Therefore you can transmit the equivalent amount of power with higher voltage and lower current or lower voltage...
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    What are these thingies on suspension bridge cables?

    Those are Stockbridge dampers, a type of tuned mass damper. They're used to suppress vibrations in the cable and thus prevent structural damage and fatigue in the bridge. They're also used on some power lines and other cable-based structures.
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    What makes the light a wave?

    Perpendicular electric and magnetic fields oscillating in phase. If this electromagnetic wave oscillates in a particular frequency range, we see it as visible light.
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    Are you a Couch-Surfer?

    I have no direct experience with the service, but I know some people that have surfed and hosted people, and they haven't had any negative experiences. You get a pretty good idea of people beforehand by reading their profiles and looking at other people's references, and you can reject requests...
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    Time = distance/speed conversion problem

    Your speed of light is incorrect. It's not 2.99 x 108 km/hr, it's 2.99 x 108 m/s, which is something like 6.71 x 108 mi/hr or 186,000 miles per second.