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    Computational physics

    Hello all, I am currently doing an engineering degree. I am interested in doing physics related computing. Can anyone tell me what exactly is simulation? I dont have a thorough background in physics but I am willing to learn. Is that okay to work in the field of "computational physics"...
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    Kinetic theory of gases

    n=2; v2=2*v1;T=400 K; R=8.32 W=2.303nRTlog(v2/v1) = 2.303*2*8.32*400*log(2v1/v1) = 2.303*2*8.32*400*log(2) = 2.303*2*8.32*400*0.3010 = 4613.959 we generally use logarithms and i dont know wat is "ln"
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    Kinetic theory

    Homework Statement A certain mass of a diatomic gas (gamma=1.4) occupies a volume of 100 cm^3 at a pressure of 75 cm of Hg. It is compreseed adiabatically until the pressure increases to 80 cm of Hg. Calculate the workdone in the process. Homework Equations W=1/(gamma -1)* (p1v1-p2v2)...
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    Kinetic theory of gases

    Homework Statement Two moles of an ideal gas expand to double the initial volume at a constant temperature of 400 K. Calculate the work done by the process. Homework Equations W=2.303nRTlog(v2/v1) The Attempt at a Solution i tried the formula and got 4613.959 J but the answer is 554.6 J
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    Satellites in Circular Orbit

    satellite orbital velocity,v= sqrt[gr] v1=17000 m/s v2=? r1=5250000 m r2=8600000 m so, v2/v1=sqrt[r2 /r1] v2=v1 * sqrt[r2/r1] answer:21,758 m/s
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    Elastic Collision of moving cart

    initial kinetic energy of cart1 =108(k1) initial kinetic energy of cart2=4(k2) final kinetic energy of cart1=48(k3) final kinetic energy of cart2=64(k4) so, k1+k2=k3+k4=112
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    Elastic Collision of moving cart

    but the answer was zero, not a +ve number.
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    Elastic Collision of moving cart

    collsion A 6.0 kg cart moving at 6.0 m/s collides with a 2.0 kg cart moving at 2.0 m/s in the same direction on the same track. The collision is cushioned by a perfectly elastic bumper attached to one of the carts. What are the velocities of the carts after the collision? What was the maximum...