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    Why does Lim as x approaches infinity of x/(x-9) = 1?

    Using L'Hopitals rule for evaluating indeterminate forms, just differentiate both the numerator and the denominator separately to produce 1/1. Xyius explains well intuitively why the result is what it is.
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    Computing Arc Length and Cannot Solve the Integral

    Homework Statement Find the length of the polar curve. Complete the cardioid r=1+cosθ Homework Equations L=∫αβ√[f(θ)2+f'(θ)2] dθ The Attempt at a Solution Given f(θ)2 is equal to cos2θ+2cosθ+1 and f'(θ)2=sin2θ I arrive at the integral ∫αβ√[2cosθ+2] dθ which I cannot for the life of me...