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    Visual mathematicians?

    Do you know any influential mathematicians that are visual thinkers? especially those who wrote books. For example mathematicians that think and write like Roger Penrose,Benoit Mendelbrot,Vladimir Arnold,Sir M.Atiyah who are very keen on using diagrams and drawings in their writings.
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    Request a physics/astronomy textbook listing

    From Special Relativity to Feynman Diagrams: A Course of Theoretical Particle Physics for Beginners (UNITEXT / Collana di Fisica e Astronomia) by Riccardo D'Auria , Mario Trigiante
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    Unusual (original) books?

    Galitski V., Karnakov B., Kogan V. Exploring Quantum Mechanics A Collection of 700+ Solved Problems for Students, Lecturers, and Researchers-Oxford University Press (2013)
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    Somewhat Rigorous thermodynamics?

    I found this: Thermodynamics: A Dynamical Systems Approach Wassim M. Haddad, Vijay Sekhar Chellaboina, & Sergey G. Nersesov and didn't like it is there something similar but better written ?
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    Looking for Differential Geometry books

    if you read his Advanced calculus book ,you'll get probably the prerequisites you need for it.
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    Unusual (original) books?

    Here's a one I just found online( it's free) : Radically elementary probability theory by Edward Nelson
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    Somewhat Rigorous thermodynamics?

    I think what am asking is if wether or not there is a thermodynamics book for the mathematician.
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    Looking for Differential Geometry books

    William L. Burke: Applied Differential Geometry if you know some physics.
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    What books or aid can I use to learn differential geometry

    Marcel Berger's books(geometry revealed,differential geometry and a panoramic view of riemannian geometry) are apparently masterful,but I think they're research-level,am I wrong?
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    Unusual (original) books?

    Since Sherwin's book is old ,is there a free e-copy online?
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    Unusual (original) books?

    Anything math or physics book for any audience but from which even someone who knows the subject can benefit from.
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    Unusual (original) books?

    I would to know if anyone knows any books in mathematics or physics at any level : -Which treat their subject in an unusual maybe even original ways? -Treat topics rarely touched upon in standard ones? -Any book that's not very known but which you regard as useful ? -Whether this book is...
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    Request: Textbook in quantum mechanics

    The Physics of Quantum Mechanics by James Binney, David Skinner is very good,and you can some of video lectures by the first author online.
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    An introductory book on general relativity

    John Dirk Walecka's books are very good for this :
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    Looking for a book with a lot of physics problems

    Irodov book is amazing