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    What definition of #define cont 32767

    Hye.. i got this source code from internet.. i want to ask some quetion.. here is the source code. but not a full code.. include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #define cont 32767 typedef struct dnode { struct dnode *prev; int val; struct dnode *next; }DNODE...
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    Have an error in my program

    hye everyone...this program have an error.. #include<stdio.h> #define MAX 10 struct book { char title[81]; char author[71]; char category[31]; }; int main() { struct book library[MAX]; int menu(void); struct book add(void); void list (struct book, int); int...
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    Functions that return a pointer

    @Mark44...Thanks for your respond...but im still unclear...can you explain more detail about this...
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    Functions that return a pointer

    hye everyone... i want to build a program where the program with a function that returns a pointer to the maximum value of an array of double. if the array is empty, the program should return NULL. here is my code, but still have an error... every week i try to solve this problem...