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    Would artificial intelligence and singularity mean the end of humanity?

    Then I wouldn't call such a machine intelligent, just call it a better adding machine. Even if you could add 100,000,000,000,000,000,000x as many numbers in a second as humans in a minute, unless you have some sort of ability of original thought - which no computer has the rudiments of - you are...
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    CERN team claims measurement of neutrino speed >c

    The software could have been buggy, it may be like that for something which is not commonplace like that. There are a thousand other factors which could affect the results. No single factor was responsible for this.
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    Horoscope and its effects on marriage

    Nothing truer could be said by anyone. I hate how it has gotten so entwined with religion (I am also Hindu, just throwing that out.) Sometimes, when my grandparents watch Indian channels, I can see ads for certain astrologers. I find it absolutely repugnant that people believe them enough to...
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    CERN team claims measurement of neutrino speed >c

    It does not matter, there may be +/- a few meters of orbital deviation. True.
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    Faster than light and time travel

    Yes, that is what I was trying to say. Manipulating the atoms would end the entanglement and make interstellar Internet impossible. On the upside, if any FTL technology for spacecraft is discovered (I will not go into too much detail, trying to avoid over-speculation) postal services will thrive.
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    CERN team claims measurement of neutrino speed >c

    Sorry, didn't know that. But another problem arises with the use of GPS. The satellites which are making these measurements may slip a bit in their orbits - they are not in absolutely perfect geostationary orbits. Even a deviation of \pm1 meter could have an enormous effect on the accuracy of...
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    Neutrinos faster than light speed? What do you guys think?

    The GPS system had an accuracy of only ±20 ns, among other things, including that no actual neutrino was clocked at FTL speeds.
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    Faster than light and time travel

    Okay, let me take this hypothetical scenario. Interstellar travelers from Earth are going to Alpha Centauri, and with them they take a quantum-entanglement Internet link to Earth, so they can communicate in a reasonable amount of time (assume they have no FTL technology, that is way too...
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    Quantum Entanglement and Useful Information

    The title is quite explanatory of this post. It has been suggested in other posts that quantum entanglement may be used to send usable information at speeds which may be viable for interstellar distances, making viable the holograms of Star Wars. However, as I understand it, sending...
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    Faster than light and time travel

    People might want to use up-down spins to correspond to 1s and 0s on one end, and because the opposites will occur on the other, for 1s and 0s to be reversed so as to decode the original message. However, I'm pretty sure that once you try to measure the state of the atom, proton, whatever, it...
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    Time with no gravitational force

    1. This should go in the Homework section. 2. Yes, time does pass slower near the Sun than near the Earth(however, both amounts of time dilation are so small they are irrelevant, we aren't near neutron stars or black holes here) I really do not know how time would pass in such a region. That is...
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    CERN team claims measurement of neutrino speed >c

    GPS compensates for time dilation, if you read the paper. In any case, I feel that this may be a statistical anomaly, as there have been no real follow-up observations. And unlike much of the Internet, I do not think that this in any way disproves relativity, just in the way that relativity...
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    Faster than light and time travel

    Quantum entanglement means, basically: If 1=A, 2=B. If 1=B, 2=A. But what happens is that, when 1 is made to equal A, then 2 equals B. Or does changing the value of A result in decoherence? I think so, I would just like a confirmation.
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    News Why are Republicans better?

    I think that the people whose loans were underwater should have been the ones bailed out, and the banks should have fallen. I could care less about what happens to someone who irresponsibly manages their money, is extremely rich, and hedges all risk by means of anticipated government favors...
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    News Politics - playing the religious card

    And religion was never meant to be that way. Religion is a misused weapon by those brainwashed or willingly accepting of right-wing ideology. Sad thing that America has become a dumping-ground of extremists.