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    Fortran Fortran Forum

    If you want to access the 5th element of X (FORTRAN arrays start at 1, by the way, or at least they used to when I was programming), then it's simply X(5). for instance: do 100 i = 1,5 print ( *,1000 ) X(i) 100 continue stop 1000 format ( 1x, f6.2 )...
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    Fortran Fortran Forum

    parameter (n=5.0d0) real*8 X(1,n),Y(1,n),sum1,sum2 This doesn't look right to me... You appear to be defining n as a real number (floating point), then using it to define an array. Also, why are you defining X and as two dimensional arrays? Surely X(n) and Y(n) would be...
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    Fortran Fortran Forum

    Have you tried putting 7 or 8 leading spaces before your code lines yet? Columns 1 to 6 are reserved for labels and the continuation character. Obviously something like 123 continue Wouldn't need leading spaces in front of the 123, but does need the spaces between the 3 of 123...
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    Running a f90 code in f77 compiler

    Is the f90 source in freeform format? (i.e. not tabbed out to column 7). Does the f77 compiler support freeform? How much code is there? 1k lines, 10k, 100k? or more?
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    Current limiting resistor for led on 7408 gate output

    Gosh. Here I am, looking the TI ttl databook, what do you know? The 7408 has a totem pole output. In other words, it has an active pullup and an active pulldown. For standard ttl, the pullup doesn't pullup very far, 2.4V at 400uA... not much compared with a CMOS 74hc08... So it's...
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    With FORTRAN I may program Microcontrollers ?

    Depends on the micro... [Broken]
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    Running a f90 code in f77 compiler

    Have you tried running it through the compiler to see what error messages it generates?
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    Fortran Problems reading binary file in FORTRAN

    Have you checked that it creates a file of the correct size before you try to read the data back?
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    NASA Nasa, Ares and the gratuitous Monty Python joke

    Obviously time to get the ouija board out to consult dear old Wernher... Pity they destroyed the designs for the Saturn V back in the 70s... "Oh, we'll never need those ever again"...:rofl:
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    DC generation back during Edison

    There is a way to transform DC up & down... It's called a static inverter. The power line under the English Channel that connects the UK power system to France uses DC to avoid having to synchronise the generators on either side of the link. This possibility didn't exist before the...
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    Quartz resonator

    Startup time applies to crystal oscillators, not to filters. The low power crystals used in watches have very long startup times.
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    DC generation back during Edison

    Instead of using an alternator driven by a steam engine to give AC, he used a dynamo driven by a steam engine to give DC. The problem with DC is that you can't use transformers to increase or decrease the voltage, which is what makes grid power transmission so much more efficient by reducing...
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    Visual Basic Help

    Are you attempting to do arithmetic on text? (i.e. a string?). Convert the text to a double before attempting the divide.
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    Help with asm: include and compilling

    From that f84temp.asm template file I mentioned above: list p=16F84 ; list directive to define processor #include <> ; processor specific variable definitions
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    Help with asm: include and compilling

    The other thing that springs to mind is that there's a load of template files in a subdirectory of MPLAB. They're found in a directory something like "C:\MPLAB\template\code" If you have a look around using windows explorer, you'll find them. There's a template in there that is intended...