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Recognition of Bachelors degree from china (aeronautics)

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    If i do my bachelors in Aeronautics from China(nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics). Will it be recognised in the US, if i plan to do my masters later on from the US?

    * This university's grading system is different from that of the US, no CGPA. It has some other scoring system out of a hundred. Will It be possible to convert it into GPA later on?
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    I also come from a country that use a 0 to 100 grading system and not the American GPA. Of course, it's not China, but he's my experience.

    I was admitted to an American university (for my bachelor's degree) with no problem. I also know of many people who had their B.S done here and their M.S/Ph.D done in the states.

    I'm pretty sure it won't be a problem, but again, I'm not Chinese and I'm not working on a graduate degree.

    Oh, I'd suggest that you email and call a few Universities you're interested in and ask them what are their policies regarding Chinese students. I'm sure they'll be more insightful than me.
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    I've never heard of anyone having any problems of having a Chinese bachelors being recognized in the US for graduate school.
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    A friend that I go to school with has a degree from Tsinghua and had no issues transitioning over to US schools.
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