What is Battery pack: Definition and 22 Discussions

A battery pack is a set of any number of (preferably) identical batteries or individual battery cells. They may be configured in a series, parallel or a mixture of both to deliver the desired voltage, capacity, or power density. The term battery pack is often used in reference to cordless tools, radio-controlled hobby toys, and battery electric vehicles.
Components of battery packs include the individual batteries or cells, and the interconnects which provide electrical conductivity between them. Rechargeable battery packs often contain a temperature sensor, which the battery charger uses to detect the end of charging. Interconnects are also found in batteries as they are the part which connects each cell, though batteries are most often only arranged in series strings.
When a pack contains groups of cells in parallel there are differing wiring configurations which take into consideration the electrical balance of the circuit. Battery regulators are sometimes used to keep the voltage of each individual cell below its maximum value during charging so as to allow the weaker batteries to become fully charged, bringing the whole pack back into balance. Active balancing can also be performed by battery balancer devices which can shuttle energy from strong cells to weaker ones in real time for better balance. A well-balanced pack lasts longer and delivers better performance.
For an inline package, cells are selected and stacked with solder in between them. The cells are pressed together and a current pulse generates heat to solder them together and to weld all connections internal to the cell.

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  1. T

    Misc. Looking for entry level DIY ideas

    I'm looking for a way to use these batteries that is safe and also useful. I've looked into buy inverters to turn them into portable battery packs but am out of my depth and don't want to create a device with serious potential fire hazards without thoroughly understanding the ins and outs and...
  2. C

    9V 0.5A battery pack

    I have this adaptor. Do you know what kind of battery power pack that can output at least 9 volts 0.5 ampere? This is the spec sheet: https://www.jameco.com/Jameco/Products/ProdDS/163628.pdf It's the adaptor included in the world's cheapest (and only) 2 channel pm2.5 monitor. A 16 channel...
  3. R

    Could you create a battery powered plane?

    After watching a video on YouTube, I recently became interested in the dynamics and physic's of why we aren't using electrical powered planes instead of burning thousands of fossil fuels every day. After doing a bit of my own research, I found the problem. When we increase the weight, we have to...
  4. JaWa

    Optimal 13S2P Battery Pack Wiring & BMS Setup/Configuration?

    Like the title says, I'm Building a 13S2P battery pack. I'm trying to figure out how to wire it most safely and efficiently. It's been a long time since I've build a custom pack of this size & as I'm using $220 worth of 60A 3.7V 26650's, I'd like it to not explode, short, or go bad anytime...
  5. Diegus

    Battery pack for an electric motor

    Hi Guys! I'm new in this forum and I'm a greenkeeper, it means that you can ask me everything about grass, flowers and trees but I have ZERO knowledge in electrical systems. This is why I'm asking here if someone with good patience and really helpful can help an ignorant gardener with some...
  6. CasVS

    Deciding on battery for Robot

    Hi All! I am a Dutch university student and I have an assignment to make a Search & Rescue Robot. Because we have to work with a budget, we have decided to make our own batteries (using AA penlights). Now while calculating the required capacity of the battery pack, I encountered some...
  7. CasVS

    Electrical DIY battery pack capacity

    Hi, I am a university student in the Netherlands and I just got the assignment of building a robot on a budget. Because of this budget I would like to make the battery pack that powers the 2 servo motors and 2 electric motors myself. I did some research and found out it would be best to...
  8. P

    How to wire a Lithium Battery Pack Q

    hi all, i am embarking on a new project, building a outdoor rolling credenza that has TV (with air operated TV lift), cd player, small receiver, 100% wireless (power and wifi, etc). my design calls for a battery pack that can deliver approx 5x106 joules, this leaves me in the ballpark of...
  9. O

    How to hook up a 12-24v system to a battery pack

    I'm working on a very similar issue to the one shown below https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/linking-battery-packs-to-change-voltages-and-how-to-charge.514002/ I've found some batteries that should do the job. i need to keep them fairly small, and the length of charge doesn't matter too...
  10. lonely_nucleus

    Homemade battery packs 48volts

    is it safe to wire like 4 turnigy 11volt 2200mah 25c lithium polymer batteries in series and 4 in parrell using dean connectors? The reason I am asking is becuase I see some battery packs online that are expensive for the power they output. If lithium polymer is unsafe is it safe to use smaller...
  11. marellasunny

    Calculation of the battery pack voltage for an EV

    I'm a Automotive engineer and hence lack the electrical engineering expertise that you might expect. This is related to a doubt I have in calculating the final battery voltage for an electrical vehicle. This is just a calculation query. I have a module consisting of 12 individual Li-ion cells...
  12. N

    Would a battery pack phone charger case discharge your phone faster?

    So supposedly if you leave your phone plugged into a charger but the charger is not pluged into anything then it will discharge your phone faster, so if the charger cases have a charger connector constantly in your phone will it actually discharge it?
  13. mishima

    Desoldering F-connector for Battery Pack

    Recently I de-soldered an f-connector (coax) from a pre-made circuit board. This consisted of 3 soldering connections, 1 for the center wire and 2 for the braid which was electrically connected through a mounting plate. Then I attached the V+ from a 18V battery to the where the center wire...
  14. A

    Possible to charge a battery pack with a lower voltage source?

    I'm working on a project that has a 7.4v rechargeable battery pack and I am going to recharge the pack with a solar cell. If the solar cell is only capable of outputing no more than about 2v, is it at all possible to charge the battery pack? Thanks!
  15. K

    What size of current will be drawn from the battery pack

    There's three lamps in a series circuit, which are rated 0.05A, 6v. What size of current will be drawn from the battery pack. Explain why this is. You need to please reply quickly. I've got lots of homework to do still and it's 9.00pm nearly. Sorry for being a bit impatient, but I really...
  16. T

    Charging Time for Battery Pack: 1 hr 35 min 23 sec

    Homework Statement How long will it take the primary energy source to fully charge the battery pack from an uncharged state? (State your answer in hours, minutes and seconds, as appropriate.) t = 378 min. I = 100 mA Homework Equations Cb (battery capacity) = I x t The Attempt at...
  17. C

    Calculating the Input Energy for Leaf Battery Pack from a Power Plant

    if the electrical energy stored in the leaf's battery pack came from a standard power plant and was delivered by a utility company ( like United Illuminated or Connecticut light and power) it was generated, transmitted, and transformed to the DC electricity that a battery can store at no more...
  18. P

    Charging a lithium ion battery pack with a thermoelectic generator

    So I was wondering if I could get some help and advice on a project I am working on. I have next to no experience or knowledge of electrical circuits so I appreciate your patience. I am trying to power a structural health monitoring system "accelerometer" unit on a bridge using...
  19. T

    Battery pack watts help

    Homework Statement A primary energy source is able to provide 0.7 Watts power in order to charge a mobile telephone battery pack. The telephone operates at 3.5 V, and the mobile telephone’s 3.5 V battery pack has a capacity of 1050mAh. In “talk” the mobile phone draws an average current...
  20. Z

    Battery Pack Newbie HELP

    I work at a local entertainment venue and wanted to experiment by building my own pack for current laser tag vests. The manuf charge us a FORTUNE! So the specs are 6 NiMh 3800mah 1.2V 4/3 Panasonic 370a's wired in a block series there is a small resistor (i think) on the lead but I cannot...
  21. V

    Battery Pack for a SINAD device

    I work for the Coast Guard reserves as an ET. My primary duties include performing the monthly Preventative Maintenance onboard the ships at the nearby station. Of the monthly checks I must do, one is perform the SINAD for the radios. We have a SinAdder 3 which works fine in the shop. However...
  22. O

    Help Building a battery pack

    Hi, I built a 7.2 V battery pack using two rechargeable 3.6V dc batteries. They eventually died and I purchased some different new 3.6 V replacements. Unfortunately, when these are charged they pump out a total of 8+ volts and shut down my device. I'm an electronics dummy other than the...