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Battery Pack for a SINAD device

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    I work for the Coast Guard reserves as an ET. My primary duties include performing the monthly Preventative Maintenance onboard the ships at the nearby station. Of the monthly checks I must do, one is perform the SINAD for the radios. We have a SinAdder 3 which works fine in the shop. However, it is very difficult to use onboard the ship because there are no standard power outlets. This PMS has not been completed lately because of the difficulty.

    What I would like to do is remove the brick and replace it with a battery pack. This way I can take it to the ships with my sig. gen (which has its own battery pack) and perform my PMS. This is the operator's manual for the SinAdder 3
    http://www.repeater-builder.com/other-mfrs/helper-ind-sinadder-3.pdf [Broken]
    On page 6 the owner of this manual edited in a possible placement of a NiCad battery pack in line with a diode. On the board print on page 7 there is a battery terminal point. Now if I go to radioshack and buy an 8 AA battery pack and a single battery AA (to make it 13.5V) and some 1N4002 diodes and hook it up to the +battery terminal and ground it should work, right? Any ideas? Am I on the right track? (Sorry if this is a little basic, it is the gov's equipment and I don't want to break it! Then we would all be paying for it!)

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    If S3a and Cr5 are physically present just hook the pack connector to where it says 12v DC in, otherwise add the diode as shown. Take care with the connector polarity.

    I would use one of the Radio Shack R/C 1000 9.6v race car packs. It's really 12v not 9.6v and all nicely packaged. The 9.6v is under maximum load. Get the "replacement" connector package as well, so you have the proper connector to wire to your unit. Package with battery/charger and extra connector < $20. The unloaded voltage is perfect for you. The clip lock connector makes a nice switch if your unit doesn't actually have one all ready.

    I use these for portable video equipment.
    Work well.
    Should run your unit at least 8 hours without recharging.
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