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Calculation of the battery pack voltage for an EV

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    I'm a Automotive engineer and hence lack the electrical engineering expertise that you might expect.

    This is related to a doubt I have in calculating the final battery voltage for an electrical vehicle. This is just a calculation query. I have a module consisting of 12 individual Li-ion cells that together supply a voltage of 3.6V and have a combined battery capacity of 125.25 Wh. Eventually, my entire battery pack powers a DC motor that's specified to run between 360V-400V.

    Is it enough that I put together 100 of these individual modules in series (each running at 3.6V) to reach a value of 360V, thereby concurring to the specs. of the DC motor? or are there other things from the DC motor data I need to take into account?
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    You'll get 360 V in this way, but what is specified power of DC motor?
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    Zoki: Specified power of motor is 93 kW. This apparrently is a AC motor, sorry for the wrong info.
    93000/360V= 258 Amps.
    I get a feeling this a bit too much.
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