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How to wire a Lithium Battery Pack Q

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    hi all,
    i am embarking on a new project, building a outdoor rolling credenza that has TV (with air operated TV lift), cd player, small receiver, 100% wireless (power and wifi, etc).

    my design calls for a battery pack that can deliver approx 5x106 joules, this leaves me in the ballpark of 12v@115Ah, or 48v@29Ah
    in general this is 200watt x 6hr @ 85% system efficiency.

    true sine wave inverters run best at 48vdc, but a 12v inverter can also work.

    (12v inverter) can i run 12v Lithium batteries in parallel if they are isolated via diodes and the charger has four independent cell chargers,
    or, four 12v Lithium batteries in series for 48v (can a 4 cell charger straddle each cell in series and be ok?),
    or do i source one 48v ~29Ah battery

    any suggestions?
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    hah, i will need a short cord, but it will likely be mounted to the rolling cart via a wind-up mechanism, so that when not in use i can plug it in to charge the batteries.

    its a project, a completely wireless project, including wireless power, wifi, and Miracast. having a cord laying across my back patio as a tether is the old way, this is the new way. if it goes well, well, it might be my 2nd job fab'ing complete solutions like this, etc.
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    i am looking for just the batts, and ideas about design. 4 12v in parallel vs 4 12v in series vs 1 48v
    delivered energy has to be around 5x106joules, but i am not 100% sure if i need some headroom in there because the 200w inverter i am looking at does a shutdown at 10.5v or 42v (12v vs the 48v model, etc).

    can i extract that much energy from a 48v ~29Ah batt, or four 12v ~29Ah batts w/o the batt voltage reaching shutdown threshold of inverter?
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